Moisture is in the way, summer health in Guangzhou is still damp

Moisture is in the way, summer health in Guangzhou is still damp

Summer is on May 5, marking the beginning of summer.

Originally, “spring is long and summer”, summer yang is further rising, people feel more comfortable, prefer activities more than cold weather, appetite is better, but Guangzhou’s climate is still “wet” word, which constitutes the characteristics of Guangzhou summer damp heat, directlyAffect people’s appetite, mental state.

  Chen Yan, director of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that during this time, a large number of patients were suffering from lack of energy and tiredness.

In terms of gastrointestinal diseases, summer indigestion, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea, acute inflammation problems.

The main ingredient of Laoguang summer is to remove the dampness and cure the stomach. Don’t be greedy and cool to prevent abdominal diseases, pay attention to food safety and prevent acute inflammation.

  Anti-cold, anti-blood diarrhea and ice products: It is very cool to eat ice in summer. It is very hot after the autumn, and people will like to eat something cold and feel very comfortable.

However, there is a saying in Chinese medicine that “summer injury in the summer, autumn will be malaria” tells you not to be greedy for a while.

If you are greedy and cool in the midsummer, do not avoid the cold, or a cold bath, or eat cold, the heat can not be emitted, it is more likely to fall sick in the fall, it is like “after the fall”.

  Chen Yan said that summer is not suspected of excessive consumption of ice.

But in order to make yourself cool and cool, a small amount of food is also understandable.

So the key is still to feel uncomfortable after eating. If you feel it, you will feel stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

  In summer, the appetite is poor, and more people prefer to eat cold. Some people like to eat appetizing salad.

So, is the salad dish not a cold food?

Chen Yan said that cold salad is mostly vegetables, and vegetables are mostly cold.

Therefore, salad dishes are also cold.

Guangzhou body quality is mostly cold, wet weight is mostly, eating is not necessarily comfortable.

  In fact, you can only find out through careful observation that the diet has obvious regional characteristics.

In the case of appetizers, salad dressings are replaced by the north. In the north, the summer temperature is high and dry, and it is necessary to reduce the fire, and drying is less likely to breed bacteria.

Sichuan’s appetizing snacks are hot and sour kimchi, because the mountainous areas of Sichuan are wet and cold, and need to be hot and cold.

The summer in Guangzhou is characterized by damp heat and moisture, which encourages bacteria. Therefore, cold salads do not appear in southern snacks. Authentic Cantonese old people do not eat cold salad. For them, traditional appetizers are sour taro, which is a spicy food.It is suitable for the physique of Guangdong people who are mostly weak.

  Chen Yan said that modern society has a very diversified diet and likes to eat any food. It is not necessary to be completely attached to the food attributes.

Wherever your growing environment is, you will get used to eating and eating, and follow your eating habits best.

Mainly depends on personal feelings, only you can endure it, you can eat without any discomfort.

  Dehumidification, appetite movement: sweating in order to dehumidify summer heat body consumption increase, in the north, people will actually eat more in the summer, but the Guangdong people have a bad appetite problem, it is because of moisture.

I believe that many readers have individual associations: “Can’t eat”, tasteless, eaten and indigestion.

Chen Yan said that during this time, the rain will not go down, and the weather will be more ash, which will most likely lead to poor appetite.

After the rainstorm, the humidity of the air dropped, and people were comfortable.

  Humidity is heavy and heavy. First of all, it is necessary to dehumidify the home environment, turn on the air conditioner, and open the dehumidifier.

In fact, exercise is the best way to relieve sleepiness and increase your appetite.

Chen Yan said that on the “dehumidification” function, it is effective to choose a exercise that can sweat.

  Like a general walk, go fast, although it is also a good way of exercise, but has a limited effect on removing body moisture and relieving fatigue.

Chen Yan suggested that when you feel sleepy and listless, you will not hinder the choice of swimming, playing and other sports that can sweat.

  Dehumidification tea: Wuhua tea is most suitable for summer dampness and heat in summer. However, after all, the temperature is too high. Drinking Wuhuacha is relatively average for the body. People who are not obviously cold or hot are very suitable.

Different from the place of origin, the formula of Wuhua Tea is slightly different, generally including lentils, kapok, plumeria, honeysuckle and so on.

Chen Yan said that its main function is to clear the heat, detoxify, cool off the heat, and urinate.

General supermarkets, pharmacies, and herbal tea shops are available for sale. You can use them for soaking in water.

  For those who are obviously hot on the body, easy to get angry and sore, constipation, you can choose Yinchen, Prunella vulgaris, which is also the formula of most herbal tea; while the body is cold, diarrhea, chills, even summerPeople with cold hands and feet, suitable for cockroaches, cockroaches, glutinous rice, you can choose this material soup porridge.

  Anti-bacteria, cooked food is safer, cold food, and the risk of poisoning increases, the blood circulation of the human body is better, the problem of intractable stomach pain is less, and acute inflammation is more.In the summer of Guangzhou, it is stuffy and hot, and it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, there is a food safety problem in eating cold salad in Guangzhou.

Food safety is the first place, and the dishes are mixed and eaten quickly.

In addition, do not eat raw food, spoiled things, prevent acute gastroenteritis.

  Especially when playing outside, you should pay more attention not to drink raw water or eat cold food.

When eating out, you must wash your hands before eating. Hot dishes should be ordered by the chef to cook thoroughly, especially seafood, lentils, beans, mushrooms, etc., which may cause food poisoning.