The most important thing is that the Ye Shuangzhou and Zhang Yan also have Guo Da actually eat fritters.,Didn’t come over and drink lamb soup。

This is more make him feel uncomfortable.。
I have to know that the taste of Ye Shuangzhou is very drilled.,That is, the general food is not seen in the eyes.。
“Li Teacher!”
Seeing Li Hui’s moment,Zhang Xiang and Guo Dad can’t help but want to start salute.。
Fortunately, Li Hui’s reaction is fast.,Directly stopped。
“Zhang Da Ge,Don’t call me in the village.,In addition to the troops, you still call me a brother.,I still feel that I am cognac.。”
“Hey-hey,Isn’t this habit??”
Zhang Xi and Guo Da Jie have been clearly seen by Ye Shuangzhou.。
Even the name of him is also listening to the clear,I can’t guess him.。
Even the heart has guess a ten eight nine。
“We don’t have to score so much.,And in this village in the future,Are people in a village,If you are so call me too much?。”
Li Hui said,It is also a bowl of bean brain and one pound fritters.。
The price of fritters is not very expensive.,Seven dollars a pound,And is a pure peanut fried,No adulteration。
The most important thing is that the old couple are still sprinkled on sesame.,Then fried again。
This is more than enough to eat.。
“Leaf big brother,Why didn’t you drink mutton soup today??”
“Hey-hey,I have been eating fritters these days.,The mutton soup does have a good taste,But this fritter is equally delicious,I will try it for a while.。”
I heard the leaves of the leaves.,Li Hui Feng is a little can’t help but。
soon,The fragrant small tray with bamboo woven is back.。
Li Hui Feng is also directly with disposable chopsticks.,Taste a bite。
咔嚓 嚓 清 清 的 响 直 directly,Crispy taste directly let Li apart a little accident,The most crucial thing is that I haven’t imagined the greasiness in the mouth.。
“good to eat,No wonder leaves your big brother like。”
Li Hui has eaten the first port to praise。
Ye Shuangzhou listened to this and laughed。
“You try to taste the bean brain more delicious。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng also tasted a soybean brain directly.,Inlet,And is still his favorite salty bean brain。
It’s a matter of equipped with fritters.。
Just when Li Hui Feng took two times.,Zhang Yan also walked over a stained tasty。
How much does this stack??”
The oil bar is greasy,It is indeed a lot of greasy feelings with a stack of small dishes.。
Zhang Wei listened to this and also a glimpse。
“This is free.!”
Li Hui, listen to this,Can’t help but think of a child,When you are a child, you can send a small dish.,Or send garlic,And it’s free to eat。