On the Divine Body,Almost innate,Defense is strong enough。

Next is Li Ming,Three thousand world magic beads hovering and laying down a large array,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuan Xu are in the formation。
Xiaoyao Tianzun waved his finger,A light shines,Butterfly dancing in the aura,There are more fish out of the water,Fall back to the water,But it floats and turns into a giant bird whizzing to the sky。
Dream Butterfly、Fuyao!
Xiaoyao Tianzun’s mastery《Xiaoyao》。
Kuafu is a roaring figure that becomes huge,A pair of giant hands stretched out,Intend to take this trick。
As for Zhuanxu,Although he is also a top Taoist,But the frontal battle is still slightly weaker。
Although their respective means,But actually it’s just a moment。
A giant hand fell from the sky,Snapped it down。
Among giant hands,Unite the Five Elements,Powerful and amazing。
The first one to be photographed was Venerable Fuhu。
The famous Fuhu Venerable in the Three Realms,It’s like a stone kicked away by children,Directly hit the stars。
Fortunately,His god,Although this attack completely suppressed him,But didn’t suffer any serious injuries。
That punch went on,Xiaoyao Tianzun’s spell entangles,Roughly weakened the punch slightly。
Then Kuafu’s punch came,Forces collide。
It is clear,Kuafu of the Top True God,The power of a punch is far inferior to the punch of this strange and powerful man。
Kuafu’s arm was completely shattered,And the other arm—He dragged the Venerable Tiger, who had fallen far on the stars, back into the formation。
After two collisions,There is still about 50% of the power left in Li Ming’s formation。