Wang Youcai thought about it,Staring at He Jing,He looked at the woman carefully from head to toe。Wang Youcai’s eyes are hot and bold,It can be said to be unscrupulous。

He Jing panicked,She clasped her shoulders with her hands involuntarily,Smiled a little charmingly:“Boss Wang!It’s impolite to look at people this way,Don’t forget,I am a woman”
“Yes indeed!You are not only a beautiful woman,And still a smart woman,That’s why I see you like this”Wang Youcai’s biggest feature is that he can lie to women。But these lies,As a woman, I usually like to listen。
as expected,He Jing’s two Danfeng eyes twinkled,She was talking:“Don’t you tease,I’m getting old to talk about what is beautiful。If this is placed in the first ten years,These two words are used on me,Really well deserved”
“Do not!A woman like Doctor He,Very charming,Compared to young women,Not just beautiful,But another flavor”Wang Youcai picks a nice saying,But he has a weak cultural foundation after all,Said a few words,I don’t know what to say。
He Jingyi listen,Trembling with laughter。She laughed:“I didn’t expect,Boss Wang is still a master at making women。These words of you,You old woman almost got tempted”
“Ha ha!You will be tempted sooner or later。Sister He!I see your hard work,Actually you know better than me。This sickness is also about the season,There can’t be so many people all year round。If i hire someone,What to do if there are fewer patients?”Wang Youcai said,Turn the topic,Go straight to the topic。
He Jing sighed,With her ecstatic eyes, Wang Youcai said:“Then you can bear with me?”
Wang Youcai did not speak,But gently walked to He Jing’s side,Then he lowered his voice and said:“My biggest characteristic is that I know how to pity and cherish jade。Don’t worry,I will give you an extra red envelope,But I can’t let anyone know about this,Especially Doctor Lu,Otherwise you can only leave”
Wang Youcai said,Deliberately squeezed He Jing’s shoulder gently。Wang Youcai discovered from the conversation just now,This He Jing is a romantic figure。
He Jing didn’t expect Wang Youcai to dare to do something to her so soon,She pretended to slap Wang Youcai’s thigh and said:“hate”He Jing’s voice,With shyness,With the charm that penetrates into the bones。Wang Youcai almost stayed unsure。
In front of the big things,Wang Youcai still has a sense of measure。He turned sharply and walked out of the small warehouse,The people waiting outside for He Jing to see a doctor lined up again。
“Boss Wang!Many people have caught colds these past two days。But our conditions here are limited,Are you buying more chairs?And the shelf for hanging bottles?”Dr. Lu was busy signalling,And said to Wang Youcai。
Indeed,A total of one examination bed,Four people sat on it。The other two anti-chairs,Also sat down。Even on which bench,Five people squeezed。It’s more crowded than a small hospital,Wang Youcai’s heart is happy。
He immediately called Wu Wu,Let him do these things。Not more time,Wu Wu called a pickup truck,Pulled a big bench,There are also four chairs,Seven or eight iron racks for hanging bottles。