Two major effects,One is that the sound of the dragon chant can cause the enemy’s soul to fall into a trance and confusion.。This method can be said to be a special soul attack。

If you use the soul to defend the main artifact,Even the powerful soul defense artifact has a defensive trick,Can resist。
Perhaps the Qinglong who had not become the main god back then made the move,Under the Great Perfection, there will be influence,As for whether Dzogchen will be affected,This is hard to say。After all, when Qinglong became the main god,There is no Dzogchen in the world。
And another effect,Then‘Time slowdown’。Once cast,The space flow rate in the area covered by the talent supernatural power has become very slow。
Of course the gods are in this coverage area,Naturally, I will involuntarily resist the slowing down of this time,If it’s the Dzogchen upper god,The impact of Bru’s gifted supernatural powers is very small。
And Cecilia is just a palace master-level powerhouse.。
Although the voice of the soul cannot break Cecilia’s soul defense artifact at all。
But the slowing down of the flow of time actually affects her。
In an instant,She felt the speed of the other party increased dozens of times in an instant,Far faster than myself。
In her hands,There is no longer the power of the main god。The only way to do this is to fly back quickly,Simultaneous knife light shrink range,Can protect the whole body。
“boom~”In Elder Brue’s eyes, Cecilia, who was ten times slower, even protected her whole body,But under a fist, you can vomit blood.。
Long Yin’s effect comes quickly,Go fast。Elder Bulu had time to throw two punches,The flow of time around Cecilia returned to normal。
Knife light speed increased rapidly,Blocked Elder Bru’s third punch。
Rao is so,Cecilia vomited blood,And the surface of the body is also sunken in a large part,The scales were crushed by the fist of Elder Bru,Spilled with a little golden blood。