Qi Xianwei standing in the office,I was a little impatient to listen to my son’s overly detailed explanation,So I simply extracted a few important questions。

“no……I just suspect she realized something,Everything else is just my guess,After all, she asked me today……”
Qi Jingming repeats the dialogue with Shi Muluo in its entirety.,This is the second time he repeats,But as long as the father asks,He can repeat it a third time and a fourth time.
“Don’t say so much,These words prove nothing at all。”Qi Xianwei really doesn’t want to listen anymore,Just interrupted,“Do you have any other evidence??”
This is the question Qi Jingming is most afraid of being asked,But there is no way,I had to lower my head,A weaker answer:“Sorry……I……”
“Tell you how many times!Don’t say if you are not sure!I need to remind you a few times for such a small thing!”
Everything is expected,Qi Xianwei never gave Qi Jingming a chance to explain,So he scolded him,Qi Jingming dare not refute,I can only listen silently with my head down。
He scolded for a few minutes,From this little thing to many other things,Finally tired of scolding,Just stopped。
Qi Jingming repeatedly apologized,Thinking about getting out of father’s office now,So as not to be scolded again for other things。
But he hasn’t waited for him to move,Qi Xianwei said again,
“Speak,What are you going to do next。”
It’s this problem that caused him a headache again,No matter what happens every time,Qi Xianwei will definitely ask this last sentence,If he answers don’t know,Will be scolded again,Hesitating to answer or not in line with father’s wishes,Will be scolded。
So for him,Really hate this question,But this is the end,I have to bite the bullet。