NS792chapter:Should lose weight

NS792chapter:Should lose weight
Xia Yixianshed again,Moth slightly overlap the legs:“Blue Director,you are too young,I have been acquainted with Yao Yao for ten years.,I know it for her.,I don’t want to be on my wedding.,Aneained comment,I am very in my wedding。”
Blue Xinyi,Understand her meaning,Xia Chi has a dark side,There is also a brilliant side,There are also many people on the Internet.,This matter naturally can’t make a mistake,But she is prepared in advance。
She laughed:“Xia Teacher,I know your worries.,Then don’t,I also have another style to see the teacher.。Inside,I am picking out for the teacher.,If these are not satisfied,I am also ready for some styles in my mobile phone.。”
Blue Xin talking,Open the software in your phone,Handed to Xia Xiao。
Xia Qi did not speak this time,But directly。
Blue Xin looks at her look,Scorpion,Flashing confident light。
Xia Qi trims beautiful crystal nails,Gently slide the screen,Ier,The more stunned,One of the wedding dresses in the top caused her attention.,These wedding dresses,Every set is exquisite。
It seems that every set has its unique story.。
The design is very special,Lenses vague sexy,Upper body design,The most attractive eye,Silver drill,Under the movie,sparkling,She looked at the waist,There,Inlaid rose with a lavender,That’s the pen,Let this wedding dress like a soul。
She and his fiance,I know the black purple rose,She likes the mysterious color。
She looked at Blue Xin’s gaze,Shine with the rays of appreciation,“These design graphs,Who are you preparing??”
Blue Xin knows,She likes purple roses。
She laughed:“Xia Teacher,These design are prepared for you,That six sets,I am picking out,These are also designed according to the Xia teacher usually like it.。”
Ning Feifei has been nervous to look at Xia Chi,That design sample is in front of her,She didn’t look at it even.。
Nowadays ,It is interested in the dynamic graph in the Blue Director’s mobile phone.。
Her mood is also excited.,Xia Chi seems to be seen today,I don’t have to be so busy after the Blue Director is.。
Xia Wei suddenly laughed with charming:“It seems that I really didn’t see the wrong person.,Every wedding dress is with a story,in my opinion,These wedding,I have some bits of my year.。How did you do it??”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,Look at Xia Chi,Sincerely,“Xia Teacher,Everyone has a different life,There is a fall in the bottom of the valley,Among glorious,Life has different fluctuations,Will be in different ages,Different stories,I hope every piece of clothes.,Have your own story,People who have the story have been remembered in mind。”
“well said!”Xia Chi looked at her laughing,“That’s it,I really like this set.。”
Xia Qi also gave the mobile phone to Lan Xin。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,she knows,Xia Chi and his husband know the purple rose。
“OK,Xia Teacher,I sent a photo to you.,this picture,so far,Only we can see,Will no longer have a third person。”Blue Xin。
Xia Chi looked at his mobile phone,She smiled with satisfaction,“it is good!but,Pay in the agreed time,But you still have to prevent some Yao Yao,I have contradictory and her.,You and her contradictions are not small。Her character,When she went out here,Just thinking about how to calculate me。”
She and Yao Yao have a friend of these years.,Too clear, Yao Yao’s personality。
Blue Xin’s color is full of thinking,Yao Yao is indeed a jealous。
“Xia Teacher,I see。”Blue Xin is also very clear ,She specially reminded,It is the idea and practice of Yao Yao.。
Xia Si nod,Charming smile laughing,“Blue Director,Your clothes are listed,I will pay special attention.,I didn’t think I didn’t think of it.,Your autumn,Wear on my body,It is also very suitable for me。I am a small suit on you.,Clean venue,Refreshing,Very suitable for your temperament。”
She has always pays attention to the design of Blue Xin。