of course,These things are not what Lu Menglin cares about,What he cares about most,Is the monthly exam。

This is the first monthly exam since entering the second grade,This time the results will represent the re-ranking and division of the results of all members of the second grade,It is also a must for many good students。
Three-day monthly exam,Test time and scale of each course,Are simulated in strict accordance with the arrangement of the college entrance examination。
These three days are for students with good grades,Maybe a cruel war,And for the scumbags,Three days of relaxation,Bad exam anyway,Just take the test,And no class,And there is no teacher to control,How beautiful!
Chinese on the first day,For Lu Menglin,It’s the most familiar subject。
He was not weak in Chinese in his previous life,All because of reading a lot of extracurricular books,And for him who is familiar with historical allusions,Frequently asked by the teacher to answer questions in Chinese classes。
Speaking of this Chinese teacher,It can be said that Lu Menglin liked it most when he was a student,And the most respected teacher。
The Chinese teacher’s surname is Gong,It is said to be quite legendary in Liufang No.1。
Teacher Gong is dark and fat,Square nose and big ears,Quite a bit of the godlike demeanor of Gao Xiaosong,And when he was teaching Chinese,Never bring lesson plans,No textbooks,I always pick up the Chinese textbooks on the student desk,First ask the students which class they have attended,Then open the textbook,Start lectures endlessly。
And when he lectured,But it can be explained in a simple way,Citing,Witty,Every Chinese class is like telling a story,impressive。
As for those students whose textbooks were temporarily requisitioned by him,You seem to be proud,Sharing textbooks with the same table happily and without complaint。
of course,If Mr. Gong is just a good teacher,The key is his charisma,Never discriminate against poor students,Treat all students equally。
And there were rumors among senior students,Said that our teacher Gong before he became a teacher of the people,Used to be a handle on a street in the city,Dozens of brothers,Capable of fighting,Say one thing on the road。
Such a unique persona,In the hearts of the students, this is simply a copy of the spicy teacher and Hongxing Chen Haonan.!
of course,The most regrettable thing is that our teacher Gong suffered a little loss in appearance.,Otherwise, the popularity may be higher。
Although there is no way to verify the authenticity of these people,But Mr. Gong’s position in the hearts of students is beyond doubt。
And the reason why this teacher Gong has a place in Lu Menglin’s heart,Not all because of these lace allusions,But he respects students,Often encourage students,Does not use grades as the only criterion for considering students,Is a competent and good teacher。
Teacher Gong doesn’t care about the students’ scores,As long as the language is good,Smart baby,And Lu Menglin is one of his most admired and favorite students。
I don’t know it’s intentional encouragement,Still feel,This teacher Gong used to be in front of the class,Said a word in public,“I don’t care if Lu Menglin can get into university,He is among the students I have taught,The most free and easy one。”