Zero zero is dark,I thought it was my own words, I successfully let Yunqin stopped the footsteps.。

Look up,It turned out to be the North Chair.。
I am very rushing to determine that my little apprentice has not encountered dangerous North Send.,Can’t give yourself a medicine,Change to clean clothes。
When Yunqin suddenly saw blood was reddish in the northern champion.,Extraordinary wound on a white dress。
“Master!you,How did you hurt??!”Yun Qin will lose zero zero in his hand,Red eye runs,I hugged the thigh in the North Sea。
See Xiaoshen’s safety,Northern Panshed tone,See also Xiaobi brother’s eyes red,Helplessness,Faint regret。
Just, he should change your clothes and then come up.。
“Don’t cry,Master is fine。look,Blood has stopped。”The North Shi squatted down with Yun Qin Road。
See the wound really no longer bleeding,Yunqin:“I am coming to the master.。”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS321chapter Master21
Northern Indictive:“good。”
The little guy is being emotional.,Still, anyway, not very heavy,Let the little guy come to come without relationships。
At this time, there is of course, I can’t look down on Yunqin.,only,Talented child,No one will feel,How good can the dressing skills?。
soon,I am sorry for my own ideas.。
Look at your beautiful bow on your shoulders,There is also a brittle gauze entanglement,Little guy this craft,It’s a professional.?!
only,Small guy bag tie is so specific,Rate,I often hurt before?!
Think of this,In the North Dynasty, he looked at Yunqin’s eyes.,More silky。
“Master,Pack。Next,This hand can’t be moved casually.!”Yunqin is an orthodox。
Northern Peak。
“after,Master always protects you。”Will you get hurt again。
“?”Yun Qin。
She is a helpless,How Master gives her feelings changed again?!
Take the wind drop,The teacher did not stay in the west for a long time.,Soon after departure。
I have returned to the Northern Picture of Daxie, still dedicated to the little apprentice,Yun Qin,Repair every day,Peaceful,Fu Lin runs in Dinqin,Then go out with the North Pictures for a while,Take a medicinal material,By the way, travel。
Time is quickly slipped,Yunqin welcomed the first birthday after coming to Daxiefeng。
It is the time of spring blossom,The North Sea finally successfully developed the dismissal of the cold poison.,And explanatory medication as one of Yunqin’s birthday,Give Yunqin。
Four-year-old birthday this day,Yunqin successfully got rid of the cold poison,Become a healthy and healthy person。
As the northern part of Master Yun Qin,Also finally。My little apprentice finally doesn’t have to experience the pain of the toxic attack.。