Troublesome people, the elderly solve six strokes

Troublesome people, the elderly solve six strokes

Psychologists said that it is normal for people to have troubles, and it is not terrible to have troubles. The most terrible thing is that they cannot be resolved.

How to solve the troubles, for the elderly, may be a major event of life, must learn.

At the same time, the experts also proposed several ways to solve the troubles, and the elderly friends who have troubles do not hinder the test.


It’s good to leave the scene and say: the eyes are not seen as net.

If the elderly are at the scene of troubles, the best way is to leave first, go to the nearby community park, go shopping in a big mall or supermarket, or simply go to a movie, if there is a comedygood.

Self-confidence “forget it, forget it”, constantly self-confidence; “Don’t take care of it, the matter has come to an end, no longer care,” can comfort yourself in this way.

Even a little bit of Ah Q spirit, said to himself: “The loss is cheap”; “People eat a loss is a good deed, I will live a hundred years old.”

“After encountering some people who are difficult to get along with, you can say: “We have never been in the past, so we don’t know each other.”


Quickly forget that if you are worried about your troubles, you will definitely hurt your body.

Therefore, these troubles must be expelled from the mind in the shortest possible time, and learn to forget it, as if this had not happened.


Learn to vent in all anger, the most hurtful is “suffocating”, that is, to keep anger and trouble in your heart.

Scientists believe that “suffocation” has a profound carcinogenic effect.

Therefore, be sure to find one of the most intimate relatives or friends, and spit out your heart.

If necessary, you can also “snap a few times” without directly hurting the other party, in order to resolve the hatred of the heart, so that the anger will suddenly disappear.


Looking for happiness After completing the above four tasks, go fishing, play chess, sing, dance, chat with friends, even water the flowers, write and write, read books and newspapers, do what you usually like,Looking for happiness, stretching out a sullen heart and restoring a good attitude.


Enhancing self-confidence Self-confidence is a force, a cure for illness, and a weapon to dispel troubles.

Especially when the disease is ridden, you must constantly warn yourself: “I will be better, I am not afraid of death, still afraid of disease?


Initially motivate yourself and establish a belief that you must win.