It seems that this kind of trick can be used for one?

Gao Biyi looked at the bed shot a thousand holes,If you think about the chin。
late at night,At the moment of summing up experience。Zheng Minmin is like worshiping the gods.,Terminal sitting in a case,Today she finally felt,What you do,Perhaps it is a very magnificent history that can be big books in real records.!
This is for a little woman,What is rare?。
“The number of high 橹 doesn’t need too much,Can be used as a viewing whistle,Distance from the city wall,Can’t be too close,precise data,During the day, there is a record。”
“The explosive clay pot used by Li Da,Can be throwing,Project it from high 橹 to the city wall。but,The opportunity can only be once,And you must take the risk of shooting by the bed.,Can’t use alone。”
“This siege,Can echo as a total attack。Now,It is still lacking a key means that can directly break the city。”
Gao Bao said that he says itself.,Zheng Minmin is not dare to come out,I am afraid to interrupted the other’s ideas.。Pen walk Dragon Snake,Some Gao Bo Yi did not notice something,They have been recorded.。
“Tests have been suspended,Continue to expand the scale of simulated Yusheng City,Let it simulate all kinds of circumstances that have been mobilized in the city。”
“Zhou Jun needs fire prevention cloth,And we need it to be on the attacking row.。After returning to the city,Handed over to the Division,Secret development。”
“High-spirited needs a lot of livestock,Be sure to prepare livestock before standing,Especially the cattle。”
“Number of red clay pots,To start reserves。Dismissal,Cotta and charge,After the Pingyang,Fill again。”
Summary of this article,Zheng Minmin’s hand is shaking,She already understands,Gao Biyi is definitely impossible to put her back to Zheng family.。So more confidential things,I am only afraid that Mrs. Gao Bi is not necessarily known.。
This feeling seems to be not bad。
Zheng Minmin is a little bit of thought。
“Alang,You spend so many Kung Fu,Will you think too much??”
Although I feel that I am ignorant,But Zheng Minmin is really not heard who is the same as Gao Biyi.“Worker”of。
“Will not,Strong is not a single fight。Wei Xiaothi’s power,From his strategy,Top more than Wang Sheng’s gift。but me,Staying in the whole country behind,I will definitely win him.。Gao Huan did not understand the power of the country,I am different from him.。
When you attack jade city,I will bring you,Let you see how I attacked this city.。”
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Half a month in Magnetic County,All kinds“Siege test”,Gao Bo Yi got a conclusion:
Yushu City is not completely unable to Raiders,only,Almost always mean,More fully prepared。The most important point is,Can’t let the defenders in Yushu City get a constant support!
so,Either,Don’t Raiders Yu Yu。If you really want to shoot,Then you have to mobilize all the force of mobilization.,Multi-line attack,Main attack and attack,Maximum possibilities make Yu Yu fat。
Only dragged the Zhou Jun in the strategy,Various tactics attacking jade city,Tasten possible possible。
Under the city,Gao Baoyi’s bamboo pole looks at the towering wall,If you think about it:“It is better to let the squirrel on a gliding wing.,First mix into the city,It’s time to act at the time.。”
This guy is typical“Dead proud friends are not dead”,Gao Baoyi snorted,But my heart is very much agree with the bamboo pole.。Jade,Zhou Guo probably has to be finished.,At this moment,What do you have any means can’t make it??
“correct,This time isn’t your home??”
Gao Bao suddenly asked a problem that it looked uncomfortable.。
“Um,I am coming.。Although others are stupid,But swordsman,Come to。”
Bamboo pole said stupid,That seems to be a bit stupid.。Gao Boi microphone:“After returning to the city,You let him see me,If you have any conditions, you can talk about it.。”
This is sincere,It’s just that bamboo pole has no reaction.,It’s just a gift that is a gift.。Gao Bo Mi suddenly speechless,This kind of unrequited person,When you really don’t care。
perhaps,He didn’t make a big event for the matter of Gongsun’s family.。I still think about the emperor this year.,If there is no strength,Isn’t that brain pumping??
How is the bamboo pole think?,Gao Bi is probably guessed。
In order to make domestic economic operations more smooth,In order to get more livestock and horses,Yu Yu ordered,Expanded the size of the urban city。
Original tea,Salt and other materials,Double quantity,And also increased the burlap,silk,Even the cream semi-finished product!
Zhou Guo to create a weapon productivity is extremely limited,This is not a secret this.。Beginning from Yutai Times,There is a soldier east,Western saying,Means of,Eastern Wei and North Qi Equivalent Equipment,Get the West Wei and North Week,You can use the school’s weapons。
Although this is just a kind of self-laundry,But also reflects from the side,Guanzhong productivity is very limited。By operating,Yuxi has reached an agreement with Turkicar,Grassland lack of wood,But the Turkic people do not lack iron or even short-term steel。
Striped people itself can rise,It is because they used to be a soft man.“Wrought”,Help each other to create weapons。And iron ore is from the western region。
The wooden pole sweats to see the defeat of Zhou Ruo Luoyang,Oh, it is a great injury,Unable to counter Qi State,So agreed with the requirements of Yu,Enjoy the tea,Salt,Silk is mainly used to exchange supplies and arrow in the Western region,Forgive for livestock in need,horses,Forged weapons, the steel, etc.!
This agreement,Obviously,For Turk,tea、Salt and silk like this,Although it is a necessity,But you can also get from North Qi,And because the business road is more popular,The price is lower。