“Do you know who is following me?”

Liu Yuan took out another photo,“Her name is Wu Lili。”
“Do you want?”Fang Na knows,If you expose yourself,You might get killed by the boss,Of course it’s safer to kill others first。
Liu Yuan shook his head,“Being not,She is a reporter now,Not sure about her background,The boss said he can’t move,Just be careful yourself。”
“it is good,I know。”
“I’m leaving,You should hurry up on the contract,Don’t let the boss urge,I can’t speak for you。”
“it is good,Got it。”Fang Na is a little impatient,Did Liu Yuan crawl on her head??
“Just know,gone。”Liu Yuan finished his last sip of coffee,Replay the cup,Turned and strode away。
After Liu Yuan is gone,Fang Na takes a closer look at Wu Lili’s photo,She actually already felt,I always feel someone is following me,But no one was caught,Now confirmed,Still worried,If something goes wrong,Will die ugly。
Look at the stack of contracts,Billions of business,Fang Na’s heart can’t be calm for a long time,She knew that Liu Yuan was a bit exaggerated,There should be no one hundred million,but,There must be tens of millions of business。
Really big business,This is something I can’t even dream of,Fang Na feels she is really rich,I really want to become a rich woman,Such a big plate in my own hands,It can be full。
The registered capital of Universe Network Company is 10 million,But only when registering a company,Not long after the capital verification is over,The money was transferred away by the boss,Only a small part。
Just the start of a real estate project,Money is used up,The company can support until now,All of them rely on constantly attracting people to invest,Of course Fang Na knows this。