The whip holder is Yan Hye,He walked slowly in front of Luo Shaoyan,Made a weird laugh like a crow cry:“How does my whip taste?”

Luo Shaoyan doesn’t speak。
His eyes fell on the yellow dog beside Yan He。
The yellow dog beast deliberately brought them here!
This disgusting bitch,You know it’s uneasy and kind,Luo Shaoyan should have stewed it earlier!
Luo Shaoyan is already very careful to guard against Yan Xu’s revenge,He knows Yan Xu’s character very well,But he never thought that the yellow dog that the organizer of the event had equipped them from the very beginning was a serious old dog.。
The old dog tried to find the death row at first,After that, they kept the three of them in strict order、Yan He’s trap cited here!
“Know whose site this is,Just be honest,Understand!”Yan Xu also slowly walked up,Kicked Luo Shaoyan’s abdomen。
“Can you kill me,You Yan Xu dare not kill me, I am Luo Shaoyan’s grandson!”Luo Shaoyan angrily said。
“Why should i kill you,Make you suffer,It’s enough to let you lose face in front of the big clans。”Yan Xu said。
“grandson,Wait for me!”Luo Shaoyan is a little upset,Knowing that the other party will calculate himself,But still not cautious。
Grit your teeth,Today he admitted!
But Luo Shaoyan is definitely not annoying,Will be doubled back。