Zhang Shuping is naturally unwilling,Since I took charge of Burning Heaven,Chen Xiu repeatedly bad things up,In Fentian, hundreds of masters were directly or indirectly killed by Chen Xiu。

So before lurking,He will give Chen Xiu another blow anyway。
In order to plan the assassination of Chen Xiu this time, he had already pulled out all the resources that he could directly mobilize.。
Zhang Shuping is in a seven-seater Burning business vehicle,Hold the walkie-talkie to listen to the report,Looking at the map spread out in front of you。
“Tsing Lo Wan Conservation Area!”
Zhang Shuping quickly found the location on the map,A happy heart,Tune the intercom to the public channel,Ordered to shout:“Tsingluowan Conservation Area is Dutou Road,The sea ahead。Chen Xiu can’t run this time,Everyone is heading towards Qingluo Bay!”
The motorcycle is still speeding on the road at high speed,Chen Xiu sat in the tail seat and watched the number of vehicles on the road decrease,On the right hand side is an undeveloped beach。
Suddenly the motorcycle slowed down,Turn right into a small road and drive directly to the beach and stop。
“get off!”
Chen Xiu got off the motorcycle,Listening to the voice of the other party, I feel more familiar。
“Do we know?”
“do not know!”
Chen Xiu has to speak again,The motorcyclist puts himself directly on his backM1Carbine still to Chen Xiu。
“Not out of danger yet,There is no way to go in front of Tsingluowan Conservation Area。You hide in the coconut grove with your gun,I drive them away!”
“and many more!”
The motorcyclist is about to start the motorcycle again,Chen Xiu stepped forward and pulled out the car key,Reach out to take off the opponent’s helmet。
The driver directly knocked out the hand that Chen Xiu extended,Anger:“What are you doing!”
“Your voice is familiar,It smells like a friend of mine。We must know right!”