“Liu Niuer,Don’t speak too much。I have Hong Tairan here,It’s not your turn to be arrogant!Besides, we still have a big man here,I’m afraid you won’t move him yet!”

This remark,The bearded Liu Niu’er laughed a bit,Shouted:“You have a helper,Wouldn’t I invite you??What big people and little people,Under the Lord,Nothing!Hehe!This time, I specially invited Venerable Fan Da and his disciples from South America.,how about it?Afraid?Why are you fighting me!”
Liu Niu’er’s voice is loud,Full of air,The people on the whole street can hear clearly。
I heard that he invited a nobleman to help,Many people can’t help but listen。Especially those who know the goods,When I heard the name of Venerable Fan Da,It’s eyes shining,Full of envy。
Because this Venerable Fan Da,He is a famous master on the ranking list released by Hainuo Lab,Top ten powerful characters among the high-ranking arcane warriors。
And the reason why Liu Niu’er looks so unskilled in the street,In fact, to borrow the prestige of Venerable Fan Da,Build momentum for yourself。
I heard the name of Venerable Fan Da,Tu Chanchun finally couldn’t sit still,Stand up,Opened the door and jumped down。
“Liu Niuer,Are you itchy?Dare to stand in my way!Is Fan Chuo amazing??I’m not afraid of him!”Tu Chunming shouted。
The voice has not fallen,Only heard a bang from the roadside on the left。
It’s as if a heavy hammer hit the crowd suddenly,The people watching the excitement on the side of the road scatter in an uproar。
I saw five or six unlucky guys lying in a pool of blood,It’s just a broken hand and a broken foot.,Vomiting blood,Can still make a few miserable howls,There are some bad luck,Just fate,Nowhere to reason。
When I heard this sound,Lu Menglin was shocked,The pores all over the body closed up involuntarily,Layers of goose bumps on the arm。
Because he heard it,It was not an explosion just now,But someone is breaking out,As powerful as a bomb explosion。
This person actually broke out in the crowd,A few died on the spot,Then the vibration spreads out,A few more people were injured。
The strength in this person’s body is too strong!And this kind of mentality that regards human life like a mustache,It’s the perversion in perversion。