Mr. Deng: How do you lose weight in the evening?

Mr. Deng: How do you lose weight in the evening?

Current character: Mr. Deng Gender: Male age: 36 years old Height: 165cm Weight: 86kg Blood type: 0 type obesity history: The elders in the family are fat, getting fat for 10 years or so, losing weight history: losing more than 5 times;, using dieting and exercise to lose weight.

  Eating habits: eating fast; eating snacks, staying up late, snacking.

  Breakfast, lunch is basically normal, eat at home.

Dinner often goes out to socialize and drink.

I often eat supper at night, especially like fried noodles (powder).

Sometimes I fry at home and sometimes go out to eat.

  Eat things like fragrant, spicy, salty, especially love pasta, large amount of food, difficult to control appetite.

  Additional description: Less exercise in the near future, due to work and other reasons; it is difficult to ban alcohol and it is difficult to adhere to daily exercise; especially after work in the afternoon, often go out to eat, take up sports time, drink wine and go home and do not want to exercise (walking or gym).
  The main plasma: body weight increased from 150 kg in February to the current 170 kg.

After three successful weight loss, from 170 kg to 135 kg, 145 kg, 150 kg, mainly through dieting and exercise, jogging 5 to 8 km per day.

Once you stop exercising and indulge your diet, you will quickly rebound.

  Help: I hope to lose weight in 60 minutes through slimming recipes and exercise to lose weight. Expert introduction: Li Wei, graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, majoring in traditional Chinese medicine, is a national senior dietitian, and is currently a Mahua slimming dietitian and nutrition consultant.

  Expert comment: 1.

What is the primary of Mr. Deng’s obesity?

Would you please suggest improvements?

  A: The most important thing is that the conversion of dinner substitution is too high, and the nightingale eats too much.

Suggestions: Reduce the number of dinners and drinks, and stop the night, increase aerobic exercise.


Mr. Deng mentioned that due to work reasons, how often do you drink alcohol and drink alcohol?

  A: 1g of wine is equivalent to 9kcal of calories, so the volume of wine produced is very large, and Mr. Deng is drinking at night. At night, when the body consumption is reduced, it is also the easiest time to store and accumulate, so drinking is helpful for losing weight.No.


Mr. Deng mentioned that once he stopped exercising and indulged his diet after losing weight, he immediately rebounded.

What is the reason?

Is it easy to lose weight by dieting and exercising?

  A: Mr. Deng’s daily absorption and consumption balance during weight loss, plus exercise can indeed maintain a part of the body and burning.

However, when the weight loss was successful, the diet was over-infested, and the exercise stopped to reduce the consumption. As a result, Mr. Deng’s body intake was greater than the consumption, so he rebounded.

As long as the normal diet is balanced, proper aerobic exercise can maintain weight loss results and body.


Mr. Deng once mentioned that the weight loss is reduced to 135 pounds. Is this weight loss successful?

The sign of success in weight loss is to see how many pounds are lost, or how many pounds are you thin?

What should be the sign of successful weight loss?

  A: The weight loss standard is not based on the individual’s mind, and the standard weight is calculated based on the individual’s height and weight.

The success of weight loss should be seen how much you lose and not how much pounds you lose.

The sign of success in weight loss should be based on health standards, the amount of cockroaches contained in normal height and weight.


Please design a reasonable healthy weight loss recipe and exercise program for this netizen.

  A: Three meals, regular timing, suitable time for breakfast: 7:00-8:00; suitable time for lunch: 12:00-1:00; suitable time for dinner: 6:00-7:00.

The proportion of three meals is 30%, 40%, 30%.
Vegetables consume 500g-750g per day, 150g meat and eggs, and 250g-300g of staple foods.
Drink water from 2000ml to 2500ml.

Exercise time is above 40 minutes, and it is best to have 5 aerobic exercises every week.

For example, walking, swimming, climbing and cycling.

  Editor’s comment: Evening entertainment family healthy weight loss small coup: Mr. Deng mentioned in the self-report that due to the relationship between work, often often go out to socialize.

Although sometimes we know that too much entertainment is a waste of time and money, seriously affecting normal work and rest, and aggravating the harm of “sub-health”, but for the sake of human affairs, courtesy, for the sake of face, in order to be in society.If you want to keep your “rice bowl”, you have to make it difficult.

The following is a healthy weight loss coup for an “enjoyed family” like Mr. Deng: tactics one: can push and push, can not be single-receipt to remind Mr. Deng when you enter the entertainment, you must not accept the whole receipt, the entertainment that can be pushed away shouldTry to push it off.

Pulling the next child is actually a psychological obstacle. If you refuse the first time, you will be able to do it later.

  Trick 2: Drink less, bring your own drink Mr. Deng mentioned that he often drinks.

Drinking alcohol is the enemy of weight loss. Now many units do not bring their own liquor. It is recommended that Mr. Deng can also bring their own drinks or substitute tea for wine.

  Trick 3: Reasonable diet, food should be picked and recommended. When you are entertaining, Mr. Deng can eat some vegetables and staple food mats, do not eat high-sugar or too greasy food on an empty stomach, and do not overeating to avoid excessive accumulation.Trick 4: More speeches, more toilets in order to transfer attention to others and their own food, you can talk a lot.

Things that are really eaten by your mouth should be chewed.

It is estimated that when you want to drink, you can go to the bathroom in advance to avoid some drinking opportunities.

  Trick 5: Stick to the principle of eating only one chopstick. No matter how important the breakfast is, the health is the first.

For dinners that you can’t refuse, you should try to eat as little as you can. It is enough to eat a chopstick for each dish, especially high-purity and other fried foods to avoid excessive.

Do not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, eat one chopsticks each time, no more than three chopsticks.

Be sure to eat slowly, try to eat more vegetables, vegetables and vegetables are better than 3:1 to 4:1, so even if you eat more by chance, you can also excrete with the replacement fiber in vegetables.

  Trick 6: Don’t just eat vegetables, don’t eat Mr. Deng, don’t just eat food for weight loss, don’t eat.

This easily leads to more oil in the diet, more protein, a sharp increase in conversion, and is prone to diabetes.

Studies have shown that there are about nine heat card conversions in one gram of oil; about four heat cards are converted in one gram of protein; in the case of one gram of rice, there are only four quantum calories.

Therefore, eating only vegetables, not eating, will lead to more oil in the diet, more protein, a sharp increase in conversion, easy to get diabetes.

  Trick 7: Changing the way of socializing can be changed in a different way. You can try to change the tea party for the group dinner, etc., and let go of the banquet in the form of a table, and it is easy to relax with each other.

  Trick 8: Pay attention to maintenance before and after drinking. If you can’t drink alcohol, please note: the eve of the wine department can add some vitamins A, C and E, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the liver; drinking limited, a small amount of wineIt can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, promote blood circulation, choose red wine is the most suitable; after drinking, it is best to eat a little rice or drink some porridge; before drinking wine to go home to sleep, you must first drink a large glass of boiled water, give the bodyAdd water to prevent dehydration, do not drink tea and hangover, because residual acid in tea will hinder the absorption of calcium and iron in food; wake up the next day to drink boiled water or juice, which helps balance blood sugar and restore body water.Content; the next day after drinking, you can eat soft bread and so on.

Never eat ham, omelettes or fried foods.

  Mr. Deng’s dietary advice: In addition to the above points, Mr. Deng should pay attention to balanced nutrition and eat high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits.

In addition, it is best to adhere to regular medical examinations.

  In addition, from Mr. Deng’s self-report, we learned that he still has the habit of eating late at night, and staying up late to eat high-quality foods such as fried noodles.

Regarding the harm of eating late at night to diet, the dietitian has already said it before, so it is recommended that Mr. Deng try not to eat late at night.

If you feel hungry, you can eat a fruit such as an apple, or a cup of yogurt instead of high-quality food.

  Mr. Deng’s campaign suggestion: Mr. Deng mentioned that he had successfully lost weight by jogging 5 to 8 kilometers per day. I suggest you use this method again. Jogging is a good weight loss exercise for all ages.

  Increase your movements. Don’t think that you don’t care if you are young. If you have time, you can change the stairs, or you can walk or cycle instead of going to work.

  Other suggestions for Mr. Deng mentioned that he had successfully lost weight three times, but then rebounded.

Need to remind Mr. Deng that once the weight has dropped to the ideal standard, don’t feel that you have lost weight successfully, and you can overeating and not exercising.

To know about weight loss, or we are willing to call weight management is a lifetime.

No normal person, except those who have health problems, can not gain weight after overeating.

  Therefore, to develop a good eating habits and exercise habits, you can not only make your weight loss success, but also bring you healthier!

  Finally, I wish Mr. Deng to lose weight early and be healthy!