The disease is born from the cold, the happy woman is warm!

The disease is born from the cold, the happy woman is warm!

The scorching sun, you will have cold hands and feet, back pain?

Needless to say, this “cold woman” is still very common now. If it is not timely, “cold” will slowly destroy your health and beauty.

“Cold” is not only the coldness of hands and feet, but also the performance of “cold”. Some blood circulation is not good. It can not deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin and hair in time, leading to dullness, love acne and spots.

This type of women will have obvious discomfort before and after coming to “big aunt”. There is a feeling of bulging in the lower abdomen before the operation, and there are more leucorrhea, backache or pain, two breast pains and so on; dysmenorrhea is serious; menstrual color is black andThere are blood clots and less menstrual flow.

Once the body feels “cold”, the body will spontaneously store more aunts to keep warm, so it will grow more fat, which is unbearable for women who love beauty.

The cause of cold is divided into congenital and acquired female body cold is not formed overnight, and more related to personal physique and living habits.

First of all, from the physical point of view, people with yang deficiency are more likely to be “cold”.

This type of person is usually easy to cold hands and feet, afraid of cold, indicating that the body’s “yang” is insufficient.

First of all, living habits will make you more “cold”.

Some female friends especially like to drink cold drinks, or greedy to cool, the air conditioning temperature is too low, or wearing a thin, so that the abdomen is cold.

If a woman wants to be warm, she can be beautiful from the inside out. Here are a few ways to help the cold.

1, warm food, stomach, female body is yin, so don’t be greedy.

Even in the summer, female friends should not greet too much cold drinks, cold fruits and other cold things.

The food taken out of the refrigerator is best placed and eaten again. It is best to eat some hot food “bottom” before eating cold food.

Usually you should also eat more qi and warm food, such as red dates, scutellaria and so on.

2, warm body uterus women’s reproductive system is most afraid of cold, “only care about the wind regardless of temperature” direct consequences are irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the looseness of the footwear, so as not to wear tightly interfere with the blood circulation.

Of course, exercise is also necessary. The so-called “moving is yang”, moderate exercise can accelerate blood circulation, can clear the meridians, regulate blood and warm the whole body.

3, warm heart in the face of the face in addition to the body, but also pay attention to warm heart.

It is said that the woman who loves laughter is the most beautiful, the emotion of the woman, the influence of the state of mind on the body is all aspects. Excessive negative and easy to lose temper will also aggravate the coldness of the body. Therefore, to maintain a positive and positive attitude, you can let yourselfWarm up from the inside out.

4, warm feet drive cold feet are the woman’s “second heart.”

Women use a hot water around 40 °C before going to bed 15 times a day?
20 minutes, can warm up and promote sleep.

It should be noted that the foot bath water should not be too shallow, at least not to have the foot surface, the effect will be better.