As for the two black talks,He is even more clear.。

“Buddy,Let’s have a fresh thing tonight.。”
“Yup,These girls can be cheated,Don’t have to spend money,And finally。”
“I will go to the hotel for a while.,Also spend money,How about going directly to the park??”
“OK,Still you will play。”
Hear such a conversation,Li Hui Feng also suddenly felt some sorrow。
Even some hate it does not fight,A little people’s spine bones are not。
In his eyes,Don’t say it is a black man,It’s not worth making Chinese people.。
I thought about it, I am completely girl.,He doesn’t want to go multi-tube。
But just when he is ready to leave,The girl is a little awake.。
“who are you?
My friend?”
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-three chapters
“Hey-hey,Let it go,Your friend let us send you back。”
I want to go home,I don’t have to send you.。”
The girl’s words,Let Li speak in the wind。
Originally he is ready to leave,Also stopped。
“Hey-hey,We are very powerful,It is very comfortable to make you tonight,And we have received money,Your friend has actively helped you pay money.。”
“Why do you want to do??
I want to go home。”
I heard this,One of the black laughs:“Look like,You can’t wait,You can be a home here.,Then let’s start now。”
Say,He directly let another trip to help,I have to start his criminal act next to the flower bedside.。
Girl feels black action,It is also a miserable shout.。
Why didn’t she think that she will encounter such a bold black?,And two black people still violence。
Don’t give her a chance to resist,Although she struggled。
But her two slender jade legs in the big hand of the black.,It is like a bitter that is dead by two large pliers.。
Silk movement。
Amolded several Chinese people passing by,See this scene,Want to go forward,But it is directly after another black.。
“Our country is so open,If you can’t accept it, don’t look here.,Hurdle。”
“Help and save me.”Although the girl crying is miserable,But the people passing are not to have high hangs.。
Even the photographs must hide very far away。
Li Hui saw this scene,It is also a brow。
Go straight。
“Boy,You don’t want to be hit by me.。”
“Let go of the girl!”
Li Hui’s nonsense, I don’t want to talk to the two drunken blacks.。