“Lord Leo!”Iceberg。“I didn’t expect Master Leo would come to see me,Really neglect,Please bear with me!”

“Lord Mayor is polite,It’s Leo’s fault to come uninvited,I hope Lord Mayor will not mind!”
After a polite sentence, Leo is straight to the point.:“I took a friend to the city of water the other day,Because something happened halfway,So let him wait outside the water capital,I didn’t expect it to disappear later!”
Bingberg frowned,Disappeared?
This is not a good word,Water City this place,Mixed,Pirates can be said everywhere,All kinds of troubles。
Disappeared alone in the city of water,If the strength is not enough,It might just disappear forever。
“Lord Leo means?”
Bingberg didn’t dare to speak casually,In case of misunderstanding,Very troublesome,Leo is not a small person,In case you get angry,Maybe kill him directly。
His relationship with the world government is complicated,But Leo is the navy,But no matter what the exchange of benefits。
“I hope Master Bingshan can help me find,At least let me know where he went,Or someone met!”Leo says。
Of course he will not embarrass the iceberg。
Bingshan is a qualified politician,But he only cares about the three-acre land,Unwilling to cause trouble。
and so,This thing cannot be done by the iceberg。
He did come to Bingshan for help,The prestige of the iceberg in the water capital is very high,One sentence can mobilize the entire water capital。