“good,General Wang is。”

Gao Bao is slightly nodded.。
The old Wang head is really awake.,Obviously know what the tiger can’t get it.,There is also a flat city,This can be considered“Keep in the bottom”NS。
Expected in Gao Baoyi,Luoyang lost it,It’s been a come back.。As long as the other’s strength,And destroying the forces of high filial piety and other people,It is the first place.。
Two goals are no longer,No matter which one is done。If an arrow double carving,That is simple。
Wang Jun can only be considered in a high-altitude system.“Periphery”,After a wizard,Wang Jun reported,Let the space come out to Gao Bo Yi and Yang Su.。
“If you are Yu Yu,What would you do?”
Gao Boyi puts his hand on the wall of the city,Sun a day stone,Some hot hands now。He wants to know what others think,Three army commander,Sometimes the pressure on your body is not a language that can be described.。
“Write a letter to Wang Lin,Two nonsense。”
Yang Su wants to say。
This is indeed the true view of his inner heart.。
“Then what do you think,Wang Linhui born two??”
Heart is under the kyte,In fact, Gao Biyi did not dare to determine how Wang Lin is now planning.,Everything is there.“just in case”Woolen cloth。If Wang Lin“take things too hard”,Then the consequences will be very serious。
“If I am him,I will hurry to leave Jing Wei this is right and wrong.。It is only too late here.,The issue is,Wang Lin wants to be a criminal?”
Under normal circumstances, it is true。
Gao Bao is sighing,Middle school,Often encounter others to give you“Pad”,Can you go to the way of success?。Everything is stable in the outsider,Among them, there are dangerous dangers that are not known.。
“If you are Yu Yu??How will you send troops??”
This can be difficult for Yang Su.,Pensive moment,Yang Su is said:“If Wang Lin decided to cooperate with us north,Obmack Luoyang,So Jing Yizhen is empty。
The main public, even if he sent people to take over Jing Jing,There will be some problems that live in life,It is difficult to respond to sudden situation。
If there is a week,Sushing from Hanzhong,Just take a few days,Can appear on the Han River。If it is urgent to attack Yangcheng,It’s really possible to get it.。”
Yang Su said,In fact, Gao Biyi also considered this issue.。only,There is an obvious paradox here.,It will not make people feel very difficult。
First,Zhou Jun can’t master the movement of Wang Lin’s military movement.。Just unplug the Fancheng this“nail”,Zhou Jun soon become a blind man。
second,If the army comes along the water,Sneak attack,So,It is very likely that the whole army is not covered。
third,Zhou Jun is not good,As long as Wang Lin stays a water army in the Hanjiang river,Zhou Jun is equal to send people。
So,In case these three,Been,Or Gao Bi is ignored??
Innso, there is a person who has a response such as a high royal family.,Can you tell Zhou Jun ventilated??
In case Wang Lin,,Or or those running ships are not willing to stay.?
In case the week, the army has trained a water army.?
Do you have to gamble??
According to Murphy,If things can be deteriorated,How small there is no matter how small this possibility,It will always happen。
“Wang Lin left 10,000 people,How to break the city?”
Gao Bao Yi asked。
He is a bit, don’t understand,Is Zhou Jun directly sent a head??There is not so stupid in the world.?
“If I am a week,Don’t wear military uniforms at all。Wang Lin army is no military uniform,As long as there should be,Let the defenders in the city think that they are the temporary returned army,Do not need to attack the city。”
Yang Su gives Gao Biyi describes how to do the weekly army.。