[Can you crystallize eating walnuts]_Walnuts_Order method_How long

[Can you crystallize eating walnuts]_Walnuts_Order method_How long

If you want to have dark and shiny hair, then we can help achieve this effect through some foods in our daily diet. For example, eating walnuts can reduce certain substitution effects, mainly because walnuts are rich in nutrients and rich in flax oilAcid or linoleic acid can better maintain scalp hair health.

1, eating walnut kernels will turn black.

Hair is mainly composed of protein, and the roots can continue to grow by continuously absorbing nutrients in the blood.

2, walnuts are rich in nutrients, not only contains protein and essential fatty acids ─ linoleic acid, hypolinolenic acid, and vitamin B group can maintain scalp and hair health.

3. In addition, vitamin E in walnut is a natural antioxidant, which can prevent lipid peroxidation and make the hair appear beautiful and shiny.

4, walnut kernel has a strong kidney and blood nourishing effect, so Jiufu walnut can make the hair black and shiny, and has early curative effect on hair that is white and dry.

5. Walnut can be beaten into pulp. You can drink it in water or add it to the noodles. This kind of walnut pulp is pure and natural. It can nourish the brain and ensure nutritional absorption.

6. People who are not suspected of having weak corruption function eat hard walnuts, sometimes directly raw, or pepper and salted walnuts bought in the supermarket, and cook porridge with walnuts + yam + rice, often drink this porridge in addition to supplementing the nutrition in walnuts, Also has a good curing effect on the stomach.

7. When you can’t sleep well, you can use porridge + millet + lily + almond to make porridge. This porridge does not have much heat energy, so don’t worry about getting fat.