Spring is different in all ages: women are prone to fire

Spring is different in all ages: women are prone to fire

Different Chinese medicines are used in all ages in the spring.

The weather is getting warmer in the spring, people are easy to get angry and cause some diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that children, young people, middle-aged people, the elderly and women have their own characteristics of “getting angry” in the spring. Therefore, different Chinese medicines should be replaced at different ages in order to prescribe the right medicine.

  Children are prone to lung fire Some children are hot in the spring, as long as they are a little cold, there is a little wind blowing, the body temperature will rise immediately, it is hard to prevent, and it is very troublesome.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, children’s fever is mostly caused by the feeling of exogenous evil in the lungs.

The reason why children suffer repeated violations of external evils is mainly due to the lack of vitality in the lungs and the loss of balance between yin and yang.

  ”Fire” big children are tempted, irritated, irritated, dry stools, hot and cold, like cold drinks, and the appetite is generally poor, can not cover the quilt while sleeping, like to sleep on the prone, lips red, tongueRed, less tongue coating, fine and fast pulse.

  Taking Chinese medicine: lung heat stagnation can take Tongxuan Lifei Pill, Ma Xingshi Gancao Decoction; Yin deficiency lung heat can take Yangyin Qingfei Oral Liquid or Golden Fruit Drink.

  Young people are prone to liver fire. Young people accumulate in the body in the winter, and the yang transformation in the spring turns into warmth. If the Tibetan yang is too much, it will turn into a hot evil attack. If the yang is suddenly rising, the internal and external yang will collide.Internal heat produces liver fire, which in turn induces multiple diseases.

  At this time, the liver fire is often accompanied by sexual irritability, mouth bitter throat, dizziness, head swelling, pain in the head of the insertion or overhead, red face red, upset and irritability, dry mouth and bitterness, constipation, urine red, thin tongue and red mossYellow, pulse number.

It seems that young people with strong livers are forbidden from big heat and sea bream foods. They should not eat greasy, over-acid and fried foods.

  Taking Chinese medicine: For this kind of young people with strong liver fire, symptomatic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can be used, such as oral Longdan Xiegan Soft Capsule, Qiju Dihuang Pill, etc., and eat less sour taste, eat more sweet and mild food, to raiseThe liver strengthens the spleen and the stomach, resisting the invasion of the human body by external evils.

  Women who are prone to anger are extremely unstable in spring, especially in menopausal women, who are susceptible to emotional stimuli, irritability, and can not sleep for a long time.

This is mainly due to heart and kidney yin and yang disorders leading to anger, resulting in insomnia and more dreams, chest pain, palpitations, face red mouth bitter, mouth sores, hot flashes, night sweats, weak waist, short red pain, red tongue, the number of pulses.

  Taking Chinese medicine: use Zaoren Anshen Pills, two to pill, etc. to nourish and reduce fire.

Usually eat more sour dates, red dates, lily or clean animal placenta to supplement the heart and kidney products.

  Middle-aged people are prone to stomach fire. Middle-aged people often suffer from liver and fire, fire and stomach, and are prone to stomach fires because of their great career and family pressure.

Then, there is a stomach fire manifested as a chest fullness, bitter throat, more food, good hunger, thirst, cold drink, accompanied by red face, red heart, insomnia, sexual irritability, fear of sweat, dizziness, yellow urine,Constipation, red tongue, yellow dry moss, strong pulse string.

  Taking Chinese medicine: Treating liver and diarrhea with Longdan Xiegan Decoction and Qingwei Powder.

Usually, yellow and green vegetables and seasonal fruits should be added to the diet to supplement the deficiency of vitamins and inorganic salts.

  The elderly are prone to false fires in the elderly. In the spring, the liver is prosperous. Because the liver and kidney are similar, it is easy to cause kidney yin deficiency, which is prone to waist and knees, upset, palpitations, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, and both hands and feet., impotence, premature ejaculation, night sweats, thirst, throat or mouth smashed, red tongue or only tongue red, less moss, pulse count.

  Taking Chinese medicine: Treating Yin and reducing fire with Zhibai Dihuang Pill.

Usually eat less irritating and poorly digestible foods, such as glutinous rice, dough, etc., eat more light nourishing Yin liquid products, such as turtle shell glue, Liuwei Dihuang oral liquid and so on.

Also eat more vitamin B, C and iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, egg yolk, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges and so on.