Southeast Asia,Sumatra,This Sumatra island is the sixth large islands of the world.,There are many primitive forests and hills on the island.,There is a mountain famous mountain,Take a few hundred miles,Among them, there is a peak name.。

蟾蜍 峰 高1800Meter,On the mountain road leading to the mountains, it is a statue.,Form different,Here is the place where the headquarters of the 蟾。
At this moment, standing on the peak of the peak.,This look of indifferent men’s face is gloomy, such as water,He carries his hands,Between the lifetime with powerful breath,This person is the help of the gang,Dawn Tianyi repair is deeply unspeakable。
Standing a look proud young man standing in front of him,This young man has a good body,Sorrowful,Carrying hands,There is a kind of 桀骜 桀骜 气。
This person is the young talents of the 帮 青 天 天,Sen Tianwang is light and lightly retrieving the true meaning of almost peeping the martial art.,And his skills of his practice are five poisons.。
The five poisonous gods is the top of the five-poisonous education。
This kind of spiritual killing is great,Other real spirits and this kind of arrogance should be a big loss together.,Because five toxicity can corrode your arrogance,Corrust your body,Once the poison of five poison,Rapida died。
Early rare enemy in the same order,Many people are afraid。
Sen Tianwang served as a deputy director in the 帮,There is also a huge morning in Southeast Asia.。
“Did things know clearly??The words of the Mingdong and Xie Dao Wang in Huaxia said that the truth?”Dakotong is carrying his hands and cold looking at the Sen Tianwang Road。
“Helper,Things have been found out,It is the person who died in the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”Sen Tianwang explained:“This thing must be handled,A small chambers actually dare to do it with us,If you do not proceed,In the future, where is our face??”
“What you said is good,Must kill。”Dawn sky carrying hands,Cavaliers with killing decisiveness in tone:“But this person is also useful.。”
“The help of the host?”Sen Tianwang doubt。
“I also get news,This person immediately went to Tangda Mine.,You want to control this person,Controlled him,It is equivalent to controlling a huge wealth.。”Dawgu’s face reveals evil smile。
“Helper,Be in touch with me,Unfortunately,It’s better to give us a cattle.。”Sen Tianwang Wen said that there is an evil eyes in the scorpion.:“Control this person is simple。”
“Go back,You deal with,I am relieved。”Downtian cold road:“Particularity of five toxicity,Even if you encounter the real martial arts, you can escape,And the real martial art worker dares to do it at our doorstep?”
“Thank you for your master!”
Sen Tianwang respectful:“I will start now.。”
Dawning Tiantian 微 微,I immediately disappeared in the mountains.,Sen Tianwang carrying hands to look at the distant sky,片刻之后遥远的苍穹之中飞来了一架直升飞机,当距离地面五六十米的时候。
当猎豹开车行驶而来的时候,顿时窜出了十几名黑衣人,各个拿着冲锋枪,那为首的一人穿着破旧的军装,这人身影身影修长,留着寸头,A smoke in your mouth,手里同样拿着冲锋枪喝道:“停车!”
His figure smiled and came out:“Long snake,Why are you so excited??”
“What are you doing??”Cold and cold road,This person retired soldiers,It is also the power of Dongxing.,It is also one figure in crossing.。
“Long snake,Gamble,Tianshuna Miss,Master Zu Qinglong,Hong Gong wants to visit Xia Xing。”Cheetah grinned:“Trouble you inform Dongxing。”
The long snake heard the face,But I didn’t expect it to be a general figure.,Especially the big lady of the Naidan Association is even more than that,After all, there is a true giant in the southwestern province.。
“You wait a moment,I will notify us right away。”Long snake voice respect。
“Long snake,You step down,Gourn,Dongxing has a distant welcome。”At this time, there was a sunny voice.。
Then a thin figure came out,This man is infected with red hair,Inch,嘴里叼着一根烟,It’s like a street scorpion.,Double eyes but bright sharp,This person is Dongxing。