“All right,Now words,I think,Actually, don’t worry so much for now。”

“Since you have already given up,Then this matter,How do you explain?”
When Wang Teng finished,these people,All panicked。
“These ones,how can that be possible?”
“Yes,These information is clearly very secret,How could it be found out so directly?”
“you ask me,Who should i ask,These things,I don’t know at all。”
Now,Those around,I never forget to say here。
Such a thing,How to see,How do you feel,Is so tricky。
And as for these,For Wang Teng,Actually, it doesn’t feel much at all。
slowly,While seeing here,At this moment,Wang Teng whole person,The performance is quite calm。
“Interesting,but now,You tell me,Has no effect。”
“Because now,I have decided,Put all of you,Take it all away!”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,Feel,Like a slap,Slammed on these people’s faces。