Yao Chunni was said by Wang Youcai,Can’t help crying。

Li Lanhua frowned,Sneered:“You still don’t admit,Can it be okay between you?You said if this was known to the villagers,Where can I put my old face“
“Are you alright you!Always this sentence。I tell you,We just left,I can stay with you and listen to you。What you want to say is,I’ll talk to Chunni in the future,Stop staring,Be careful when i get angry,Let your son in,And then take Chunni away,What can you do to me?“When Wang Youcai said this,,Eyes are fierce。
Li Lanhua glanced at Wang Youcai,No more words。This is Wang Youcai demonstrating to her,Son can’t help but save,But if she agreed to Wang Youcai’s unreasonable request,,Would not it be…
Li Lanhua is here,She doesn’t understand things between men and women,My son is not up to date,If she doesn’t look at Chunni for her son,,This woman will definitely run with others。But then again,If Chunni wants to run,Can he live to see?
The old man hesitated,She didn’t say anything。How smart is Wang Youcai,Li Lanhua’s not speaking is the default,How can she talk about things like this。
“All right,Since I can live in your home,This shows that everyone is destined,from now on,Your family’s business is my business,I will help you。And you old lady put her heart in her belly,Stay with me for a day,Chunni can stay at your house for one more day“Wang Youcai said,Peeked at Li Lanhua’s face in a daze。
Li Lanhua smiled and said:“What do you say?If you don’t live in my house,Chunni also left?”This is the most tangled sentence in the old man’s heart。
“do not worry,Since you know me,I will take care of your family affairs from now on,She Chunni dared to run away from your house,If I catch,I will break her leg”Wang Youcai said and laughed。
Yao Chunni listened,Pretending to be angry:“who are you?Still want to break my leg”
“it is good!Xiao Wang,The man’s husband keeps his promise,Auntie believes what you said。If something happens to our family in the future, you don’t come out to help,Then you can’t die”Li Lanhua is also ruthless,She actually swore a poisonous oath for Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but be overjoyed,Even though this Li Lanhua is so vicious,But she was fooled by him after all,Let him infiltrate their family。Thus,Isn’t there more opportunities to get along with Yao Chunni in the future?。
Some things can only be in my heart,So Wang Youcai was not overjoyed,But his face changed and roared:“Your dead old woman’s heart is so cruel,I owe your family?”
Wang Youcai’s goal was achieved,He didn’t stay too much,But he went back to his house。In the upper room,Li Lanhua lowered her voice and muttered with Yao Chunni for a long time。
Until it gets late,Yao Chunni just returned to the kitchen and started cooking dinner。The life of the people in this mountain is really not ordinary,No food,It’s even harder to eat meat。
When supper is ready,It’s time to palm the lantern。Three people sat in Li Lanhua’s upper room,There is a small dining table on the ground,Except for a plate of shredded potatoes on the table,I can’t find the second dish anymore。
Under the dim kerosene lamp,Li Lanhua and Yao Chunni are delicious,Apparently satisfied。But Wang Youcai’s food is not so good,Still a little hard to swallow。
None of the three spoke,The atmosphere in the house looks a bit dull,I can only hear the rustling rain outside the house。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but sighed:“It’s raining strange this time,Not only long,And it’s big”
“is not that right?Many houses in the village are already leaking,If you do this again,Something big must happen”Li Lanhua raised his head,The face full of vicissitudes is full of sadness。