“so,The rules of destruction can also make the world beast into the seventh rank?And ask you to fight him to determine the last king in an era?”Li Ming couldn’t help being a little speechless,Looking at the two Tier 6 world beasts kneeling in front of you,“so,You are going to fight the world beast Mohe in the first era。”

In the original、Protoss、There is no mention of the world beast in the initial stage and the seventh step in the line of the six holy peaks.!
But think about it,,The origin continent’s understanding of world beasts is mainly about the growth and maturity periods.,Which is mostly in the stage of Beast King。
The nascent world beasts only appear in three thousand universes,The strong in the origin continent are normally inaccessible。
And according to the description of the sixth iron rule,The seventh-order world beast must have a situation where it is difficult for the world beast king to be born.。
Moreover, a certain realm beast must comprehend the origin of destruction and reach the stage of the Void True God.,This is also extremely difficult。
Notice,In the original book, Luo Feng’s own strength is far from being able to crush the Tier 6 top world beasts.,Naturally it is impossible to force the birth of the seventh-order world beast—Then there is no hope for the primitive universe,This is against the basic laws of the universe。
But Li Ming’s strength—Tier 6 world beasts can really only be crushed,So the sixth iron is coming。
“Nothing!”Li Ming’s eyes became eager,“The seventh-order world beast is the seventh-order,Even if I’m the Beast King, I’m sure,Just let me see what you have!”
“You can feel him(World Beast Mohe)Location bar!”Li Ming asked about the world beasts under his command,Know where the other party is,Smile。
“Since we are going to fight,Then let me take the initiative!”