“Gigbling with me,I haven’t let the seeds fall in the land several times.,If you really have to have children, how can you don’t have to let the small wind try??”

“Hey,I really want children a few times.,But now you also know,I am with your sister’s feelings.,I feel the problem,It’s really a contradiction with your brother-in-law.,If you say this, if you are giving you your brother-in-law.,I will suffer with the small wind.。”
“Let’s talk to the little breeze for a day two days.,The soft character you also know,I really have to have his children.,I am afraid I will be appointed by your brother-in。”
Mention this,Zhao Xiaoling is also shocked。
She didn’t expect to have such a layer.,If Liu Dafu really said with his sister,That is too terrible.。
“Big sister,The brother-in-law should not dare.?
He wants to follow the small wind.,You say he is not afraid to lose the rice bowl.?”
“I don’t know this.,Anyway, you are far away from your sister.,Your brother-in-law, I feel that your eyes are weird.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoling also suddenly reacted。
“Um,I will pay attention。”
Just when Zhao Xiaoling thought about the business of buying a car with his sister.,The hospital door suddenly was knocked.。
Awfully“Who is?”
Hear the sound of knocking,Zhao Xiaoling’s ability to get up and want to change clothes。
“Ling Sister,it’s me。”
Li Hui’s voice sounded,Zhao Xiaoling couldn’t help but looked at his own sister.。
At this time, the eyes of the two have a happy eye.。
Zhao Xiaoling is more exciting,After all, Li will have no food.,Promise her soon tonight.。
The instant opened in the hospital door,Li Hui is stunned.。
Direct Zhao Xiaoling just use a white bath towel to enjoy the position of the chest,The extended position is just above the two jade legs.。
Snow white skin,Deep clavicle,There is also the flavor that just took a shower.,Let Li speaks more to the wind.。
“breeze,I just said with Xiaoling, I can’t come tonight.,I didn’t expect you to say credit.。”
Heard this sound,Li Hui also found that he had focused on his own attention.,Actually, I found Zhao Xiaoli lying on the lounger.。
Zhao Xiaoli is equipped with Zhao Xiaoling,However, Zhao Xiaoli wants to be more harmful.,Under the illumination of the light,The skin of the whole person seems to be in general。
Especially Zhao Xiaoli’s two legs are carrying,Ingenious,Li Hui Feng just can see some horses。
Seeing Li Hui’s eyes,Zhao Xiaoli also laughed。
“Gigbling with the scorpion for so long,Still installing pure milk dog??
Do you want me to ask you a little plum with Xiaoling??”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Li Hui’s wind is still coming.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,I will not let you call big plum.,I am not surname Li.,I will take a shower first.。”
Say,Li Hui directly put the flashlight with the keg,I rushed into the bathroom.。
soon,The bathroom sounded in the bathroom.。