Gu Rimou’s voice is not loud,It was condensed into a thread and passed directly to Chen Xiu’s ears,As if speaking in his ear。

“Can’t let this old man underestimate!”
Chen Xiu jumped,Jumped on the edge of the stone wall,It’s like stepping on oil,There is nothing to borrow,Shocked,Almost exclaimed。
“A thought,Clean and self-conscious,Anger,Body as light as a swallow,Body like duckweed,Dragonfly understands balance,Raise the name badge。”Gu Rimou’s voice rang in Chen Xiu’s ear again。
In a hurry,Chen Xiu’s physical reaction is far faster in his brain,Infuriating in the chest,The whole person is as light as a swallow,With a light tap, I fell to Gu Rimou’s side。
“Ruzi can be taught!”Gu Rimou said with a smile。
Although it is safe to land,Chen Xiu looks at the bottomless cliffs at his feet or still has lingering fears,Growl:“You know something on the spot,I’m not afraid that I can’t learn so fast,Really fell!”
Gu Rimou said indifferently with his nose:“This is a problem,I haven’t thought about it!”
Chen Xiu really wanted to go up and kick him。
“Stop staring at me,You haven’t fallen。go,Go see,Who is fighting in the valley,So lively!”
Chen Xiu followed Gu Rimou’s effort to rush all the way into the valley,Use the trick that Gu Rimou taught himself just now,Step on the ground without making a sound。
Walk a few hundred meters into the valley,The valley is suddenly open,From a distance, I saw the two people in front fighting together。