“report,Have woken them up!”

“it is good!”
For Xin Zhao’s work speed and attitude,Lena is satisfied。
“That one,Sister Lena,Who sent us back yesterday?,Why do I have no memory?”Rui Mengmeng looked expectantly at Lena。
“Damn,I was so exhausted yesterday!”Xin Zhao just said that,Then I saw Qiangwei and Qilin’s murderous eyes,Directly counseled“The three hanging silks!”
Got Xin Zhao’s answer,Qiangwei and Qilin breathed a sigh of relief。
This Xin Zhao event is pretty reliable,But this little thing,It’s really hard to say。
Wait five minutes,Ge Xiaolun、Liu Chuang and Cheng Yaowen enter the team。
“All right,Run 20,000 meters in the morning,Xin Zhao thirty thousand meters,You can eat after running,Endless,Not allowed to eat!Start!”Lena finished,Take the lead and start running。
This training ground lap should be two kilometers,30,000 meters,For Xin Zhao,That’s drizzle。
Flashing,Xin Zhao is super god,When Ge Xiaolun and the others just started,Xin Zhao has completed a lap。
“Please call me Lightning Letter from now on,Haha!”
The others looked at Xin Zhao with envy,Nothing else,This speed has exceeded the visual reaction speed of ordinary people。That is, this group of people are not ordinary people,Otherwise, I wouldn’t see the exact location of Xin Zhao.。
“Run quickly,Xin Zhao and you both activate genes,Your genes are better than him,Why is the level of development not as good as others?,hurry up!”Lena started to urge。
With her divine body,No need to run now,Because running doesn’t mean much to her,As long as her power is,Can keep running。
But now Lena just led the team,The first thing to break is,The knot of these people。
Xin Zhao’s progress is so fast,Lena doesn’t know why,But the other six transformed from ordinary people to super fighters,The first thing is mentality。