High-tech tattoos: Tattoos are no longer standard on the underworld or health!

High-tech tattoos: Tattoos are no longer standard on the underworld or “health”!

If the tattoo has its positive meaning, you may not replace it.

Perhaps, for example, the American company called LogicInk has also developed a synthetic tattoo.

Its meaning is more practical – to help “health.”

Don’t be afraid, these tattoos are not pinned, or they use a tattoo sticker that is not painful.

The reason why it can be healthy is because it can detect the chemical composition of the human body and the surrounding environment.

Different styles of tattoos have different effects.

For example, this concentric round, its role is to detect ultraviolet light.

The white circle inside detects the UV intensity of the environment.

As the intensity increases, the circle becomes more and more purple?
The outer circle detects the ultraviolet radiation absorbed by the human body.

Look closely, it can show the ultraviolet radiation like a progress bar, when the progress bar is full, it means you can’t sun again today.

It’s just a matter of health and righteousness!

This pattern should not be minked by my mother?
As for the principle, it is actually related to the pigments it uses.

These special pigments gradually change color under the ultraviolet light, but the details have not been found much.

In addition to tattoos that detect UV rays, there is also the ability to detect alcohol concentrations.

The concentration of alcohol in the skin or body increases, and the five-pointed star on the tattoo becomes more and more obvious, making it the most handsome anti-drug driving!

And this is still in the experiment, it is testing the air quality.

PM 2 in the air.

As the concentration of 5 increases, its color becomes lighter and lighter.

When you are completely transparent, you have to think about changing places to gasp.

But unfortunately, the time limit of these tattoos is generally only 24 hours, it seems that a day is inevitable.

Fortunately, they are waterproof, so you can keep you going up the mountain and going to sea this day.
Currently, LogicInk is developing more tattoo styles, such as detecting blue light, detecting skin moisture, and so on.

Come on, give the task of giving the tattoo a name to your company.

Say you can make a tattoo that detects food conversion, and the more ugly the better the shape will be!

I want to make it in the shell to make a decision!