[10-inch chocolate mousse cake]_ common practice of 10-inch chocolate mousse cake _ 10-inch chocolate mousse cake Daquan _ how to make 10-inch chocolate mousse cake

[10-inch chocolate mousse cake]_ common practice of 10-inch chocolate mousse cake _ 10-inch chocolate mousse cake Daquan _ how to make 10-inch chocolate mousse cake

Everything is dying in the winter. Of course, the diet can not be ambiguous in this bleak season. You must actively carry out diet and health care. After learning to make chocolate mousse cake 10 inches, this dish can help you increase more, reasonably replenish blood and let youIn winter season, the body can become stronger and stronger, and with an appetizer, it’s awesome!

1. Make two slices of cake first.

The bottom of the square mold is covered with baking paper, and the cake pieces are put in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

2. List of ingredients for chocolate mousse paste.

3. Add granulated sugar to milk and cut into drunk pieces of chocolate.

4, milk insulation water to melt the fine sugar, heated to boiling, you can use an egg beater at high speed until the fine sugar melts.

5. Turn off the heat and add the chocolate pieces. Use a rubber spatula to flip up and down until the chocolate turns into a chocolate paste.

6. Cut the gelatine slices into thin slices with scissors, immerse them in clean water, and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Take out the water and heat-insulate the water to melt it into a liquid.

7. Talk about the type that can be flowed when the cream is added to the 6 layers of hair.

8. This is a whipped cream.

9, take out a piece of refrigerated cake from the refrigerator, cut a small circle around.

10. Mix the cream cream with the chocolate mousse paste. Use the flipping method to mix evenly and the color becomes the same. Then pour all the chocolate mousse paste into the milk cream and continue to mix.

11, half of the chocolate mousse paste into the square mold shake a few moments and immediately put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

12. At this time, the mousse paste has solidified, then put another piece of cake, pour the other half of the mousse paste into the shake a few times and poke with a toothpick to defoam.

Immediately refrigerate for more than 3 hours.

13, Start making basic cream, the materials used.

14, in order of what to do first.

15, butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice.

16. Melt butter with a whisk until smooth.

17. Add milk, condensed milk, honey, lemon juice, and whisk with an eggbeater until the thick base cream is ready and can be refrigerated.

18. Reserve 100 grams of the base cream after refrigerating, and put the rest in a decorative bag to squeeze the patterns.

19. Melt chocolate, milk, heat-insulated water, base cream, and 100 grams.

20, the decorated chocolate paste is finished, and the attached pattern is also attached to the favorite pattern.

21. It is very convenient to release the frozen cake. Blow it around with a hair dryer. Put a bottle on the bottom of the mold to release it!

22. Measure the size with a square stamp on the mold spindle.

23, the basic cream cream is ready to accumulate flowers with a decorative bag, yellow is the basic cream, and black is the chocolate cream.

Is the cake after decorating cute?

24. The decorated chocolate mousse cake is also very nice!

25. The cut cake is also beautiful!

26. Cut open the plate and start to have afternoon tea!

It tasted really good and was praised by the family.

Although the restaurant has provided us with convenience, there are still many shortcomings. It is better to make it yourself. The method of 10-inch chocolate mousse cake is easy, nutritious and healthy.