Living in the doctor: the rash on the chest is detoxification

Living in the doctor: the rash on the chest is detoxification

When a person falls to the ground, a portable doctor settles in our body. Every organ in the body, every secretion is a good medicine that he believes.

However, in real life, many people have not used this doctor.

  Academician Zhong Nanshan publicized more than once in public: the best doctor is himself.

Several famous doctors also entered the hands from the major organs of the human body, instructing people how to be kind to the body and stimulate their own immunity.

  Hand: The kidney is not good, the palm of your hand will sweat, and the fingers will strengthen the kidneys. “Experienced Chinese medicine practitioners can inject insulin from the hands, and the liver function is good or bad.

For example, people who have sweating their hands often have a bad kidney.

At this time, practicing the little finger to hook heavy objects, the little fingers of both hands are hooked on each other, and have a strong kidney effect.

Zhou Hualong, director of the Department of Massage, Nanjing Hospital of Jiangsu Province, said that the hand has anti-disease and health effects, and found that the immunity against colds is more common, especially in the big fish.

The high bulge above the palm of your hand is the big fish, with your hands together, and the heat of the big fish.

  Nose: Occasionally, nosebleeds are more intimidating in the way of the fire-breathing nose. It is bleeding when it is unhappy.

Liu Wei, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that occasional nosebleeds do not panic, it is a manifestation of the human body’s anger, because when the nasal cavity is too hot, too dry, the capillaries inside will rupture, leading to bleeding.

At this time, give the nose enough water.

Drinking more water is the fundamental way to replenish water. Basically, you must eat more vegetables and fruits, and you can’t use drinks instead of drinking water.

Normally, it is better to have a good nose. It is the best comfort to knead the soft sides of the nose.

  Bone: The long bone spur is self-repairing. Many people will grow long bone spurs. In fact, it grows outward around the bone, increasing the joint contact surface and making the joint and muscle strength relatively balanced.

Some people have painful joint pain and no pain, because the bone spurs make the bones and muscles more stable. This bone spur is a good thing.

If there is no other arthritis, the joints will be swollen without treatment.

  Zhang Jun, chief physician of Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that for the maintenance of bones, you can usually try to fracture bones and find pain or uncomfortable parts.

Then, follow the direction of bone growth, steadily massage all the way, push and care; when lying on the bed, try to pull the arms and legs up, the head rises, forming a “bow”, stay for two or three seconds, become a skeletonGet a good nourishment and exercise.

  Chest and back: The long rash is the internal organs in the detoxification. Some people will find that the chest and back will often have rashes. This is probably the internal organs in detoxification.

A rash may occur when the chest is covered with various organs, liver, and kidney toxins are discharged through the pores.

Usually, you should keep the blood flowing from the chest and back, hit the tree and hit the wall very well.

When you are free, you can close your fingers and your palms are hollow. Align the sternum in the middle of your chest and slap with appropriate force.

3 to 5 times per slap, 3 to 5 times a day.