“It seems that your husband doesn’t buy you.。 ”Blue Xin looks at her envy,Some funny。

Mu Ziyi pair her,That is to be in the mouth.,I am afraid of falling in my hand.。
Le Yu:“My husband can not have your husband.。”
“cut!”Blue is full of her, “Gather,Cry in front of me, are you so embarrassed??”
“Embelance,Why is it bad??”Le Yu said,I laughed and took her.。
After listening to the salesperson of their two talks,Many people have arrived here just a dazzling,Don’t buy anything。
It seems that there is a lot of money at home.,Just to come here。
“Oy!”After the blue,That lady and Blue Xin have hit together,A bottle of essence in the lady’s hand fell to the ground,Exquisite gorgeous crystal glass bottles instantly broken,Have a touch of fragrance overflow,Smell。
“Ah,This is the most expensive essence.。”Salesperson screamed,Everyone’s eyes are locked in Blue Xin’s body。
Blue Xin looked at them,Why look at her with this eye?,Does she look good??
Is this related to her??It is her, and this lady will hit her first.,Essence falls on the ground。
“Hey!Are you not long??You know, don’t know how expensive this.,Are you affordable??”The lady hit her expression in a face.。
Blue Xin looks:“This lady,It’s you hit me.。”
“how could be?Obviously the king of the king you hit。”Looking at Blue Xin with the salesperson after the blue blind,Be reversed。
Blue Xin’s eyes are shot to her,“Are you sure that I hit her??”
“I confirm。”Mrs. Wang is their valust,And this woman came for the first time,Take a look at the ordinary wear,She identified that Lan Xin and Le Yu’s identity were not honored.。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at her,“Also,Why are you talking about your eyes??Salesperson,Is this what you should say??You just stood behind me.,How did this essence http://www.rkhvk.cn fall??You are the clearest。”
“Why shouldn’t you say it??I just said the facts.。”Salesperson can’t see Blue Xin’s appearance。
The Mrs. Wang on the side is also a face of Blue Xin.。
“She should say this.,Don’t you know that people come here are king??I am here.,The consumption of several million every year,Even if it is wrong,I am also right.。”Mrs. Wang and another laughed smiled and despised the Blue Xin.。
Three waiters also looked at Blue Xin in the same manner.,This woman touched the king of the king to be unlucky.。
Although the mader of this king is willing to spend money,But very 刁 刁。
It is very difficult to help people,As long as she is happy, everything is good,when you’re down,It is possible to play someone else.,This kind of thing happened in a few days ago.。
Blue Xinyi,A year of spending a few http://www.sxdfzj.cn million,Indeed,but,She is not affected by this gas。
She laughed,Look at the face of the Mrs. Wang,Gao proud is like the Queen,“That is really can’t afford your guest。”
Mrs. Wang smiled,Taunt:“I know now.,Don’t come to this mall without money.,This exert,But it is money.。”
“Mrs. Wang,do not worry,This essence has no relationship with you,We will also discuss a fair for Mrs. Wang.,Let this bottle of essence belong to Wang Famous。”Although the mader of this king is very rich,But I also like to be a little cheap.。
“it is good!but,The lady in the past few days made me very happy.。”Wang said that there seems to be meaningless to remind。
Blue Xin looked at the salesperson, I want to ask the mades to go back to the fair.,I suddenly laughed.:“Tell me,How do you want to go back to the fair for Mrs. Wang?。”
Le Yu also looked at the end of his eyes and looked at the businesspeople who said.,Laughing and watching her bully and hard face,“I also want to see how you are going back to fairness for Mrs. Wang.。”
The salesperson looks at Le Yu.,Also get a contempt,She looked at Blue Xin’s soft and weak section.,I don’t have any background.:“Of course it is the money of the liquidation,Then just apologize for the mades,Do you know that you are unhappy like this??Kneeling to make Wang Mrs.。”
Le Yu heard this,Snalatingly looked at the king laughing:“Give her a bit,Is she affordable??”
Smiling laugh:“Certainly affordable,This happened in the past few days ago.,The girl is coming here.,Finally, I didn’t have to apologize for my mad.。”
Blue Xinyi,Face is awkward,“A few days ago, is you using such a way to make other customers do this??”