Good guy!
Lin Hao three people are shocked.。
“I thought you really kill him.,We have worried about it.。”
Lin Hao is bitter,Continuously shook his head。
“that is,We are worried,If you really kill him,That’s too much,We also be afraid of death!”
Wu Xiu Xiu quickly followed,Tone,I am afraid。
“Do not worry,I am not so stupid.!”
Shen Xuan smiled,“I am not killer.,Killing is not that necessary。”
“Xuan Ge said,We are good people,Can’t do illegal things。”
Xue Qing station,Say:“Today is because of my business,Let everyone follow it hard,I invite everyone to eat this evening.!”
eat delicious food?
I heard this,Shen Xuan touched his stomach,Say:“Correct,I am hungry.,Where is it delicious??”
“Wang Wang Wang……”
I have a delicious,Rhubarb and Xiao Huang are following the yelling,It seems to be invited to ask them.。
“go,Go back to my house,I give you grilled meat.!”
Finish,Take Shen Xuan and others to go out of the orchard,Walk in the village。
Outside a yard,Push the door,walk into,A slightly old old house appeared in front of everyone。
Look at the surface,It’s really old.,But clean up clean,Well-known,At first, it is often cleaned.。
“I am sitting here.,I am going to get barbecue。”
Xue Qing moved a few chairs to the yard.,Clicked watermelon,Pour the water,Tangible。
“let me help you!”
Shen Xuan self-ended,He will be hungry in his stomach.,I just want to eat early.。
“no problem!”
Xue Qing also does not stop,She also knows Shen Xuan’s cooking,Simply let Shen Xuan to barbecue,She does my auxiliary work。
Bullet、mutton、Pork belly,All cut,Plus season marinated,Then start the bamboo sign!
Then several people sit in a piece,Start the meat skewers。
“Show,Don’t get it,Do you look at your string?!”
Xue Qing looked at Wu Xiuxiu wearing meat skewers,Suddenly said。