Eight kinds of vegetables before the meal, appetizing and nourishing the stomach

Eight kinds of vegetables before the meal, appetizing and nourishing the stomach

Medical experts have found that eating vegetables before meals can effectively kill the stomach. According to reports, vegetables contain very rich nitrates, which can produce a compound called nitric oxide when it enters the stomach.Harmful bacteria in the dead stomach, so eating some vegetables before meals can play a role in preventing gastritis.

In addition, all vegetables are eaten together with the dinner, which will affect digestion and nutrient absorption.


hzh {display: none; }  空腹吃蔬菜,蔬菜的养分会在短时间内进入血液中,有助于补充体力和养分,使人精神焕发。Therefore, you can choose a few refreshing and pleasing vegetables for pre-meal appetizers.

  Recommended pre-dinner side dishes: carrots cut into silk and mixed with vinegar, and even mouth, can improve people’s appetite and resistance to infection; tomatoes are rich in citric acid and malic acid, which greatly transforms the metabolism of the whole bodyIt can promote the formation of gastric juice and strengthen the digestion of greasy food.

Eat 2-3 tomatoes a day, can meet the needs of a day of vitamin C; celery tastes fragrant, can enhance appetite, celery leaves are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, suitable for vitamin deficiency; papaya vitamin CIt is far more than the vitamin C content in oranges, and papaya helps digestion, but also prevents stomach ulcers; peas have benefits and medium, thirst, diuresis, detoxification, treatment of abdominal distension, hiccups and vomiting;Nourishing the stomach and the middle, the water is relieved of trouble; the mushroom has the function of qi and spleen, and the stomach and the qi, the appetizer and the food; the pumpkin can supplement the qi, the water detoxification, insecticide, the spleen and stomach weak, eat less, bloatingAuxiliary treatment effect.