Cosmetics suitable for the elderly

Cosmetics suitable for the elderly

Today, the use of cosmetics is no longer a patent for young people, and many older people have joined the ranks of cosmetics consumption.

However, there are many cosmetic brands on the market, and the performance is complicated. How can the elderly choose suitable cosmetics according to the characteristics of their skin?

  The skin characteristics of the elderly are loose and wrinkled, the subcutaneous adult is reduced or even disappeared, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands are atrophied, the skin is dry, hardened and thinned, and the defense function is reduced.

Therefore, the elderly can only choose appropriate nutritional cosmetics to delay skin aging and maintain skin vitality.

  Common nutritive cosmetics have the following categories: pearls: that is, adding pearl powder to general cosmetics.

The pearl contains 24 kinds of trace elements and keratin peptides, which can participate in the metabolism of human enzymes, promote tissue regeneration, transform skin care, beauty and anti-aging effects.

  Ginseng: Add ginseng ingredients to general cosmetics.

Ginseng contains a variety of vitamins, hormones and enzymes, which can promote protein synthesis and capillary blood circulation, stimulate nerves, activate skin, and thus moisturize and regulate skin.

  Bee milk: The high content of niacin in bee milk can better prevent skin from becoming thicker. In addition, bee milk also contains protein, sugar, lipids and a variety of biologically active substances needed by the human body to moisturize the skin.

  Pollen: Pollen contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and essential elements of the body, can promote skin metabolism, soften the skin, increase elasticity, eliminate skin spots and small wrinkles.

  Vitamins: Vitamin A can prevent dry skin and desquamation; Vitamin C can reduce pigmentation and make skin white; Vitamin E can delay aging and stretch wrinkles.

  Skin protein: Shrinkage protein can produce good compatibility and viscosity with the skin, which is beneficial to the penetration of nutrients into the skin and form a protective film to make the skin smooth and wrinkle less.