She can hear it,In the words of Yafu,It also implies dissatisfaction with her。

“Yafu……”“aunt,I am also gone.,I go back to Dong’an Xing,aunt,I miss me later.,Go to Dong’an Xing,Not good here,It is a conspiracy account for the table.,I don’t like it.……”After,She turned and went out。
“Yafu,Yafu……”Ningrong’s heart,Not chasing it。
……North Hui。
A unparalleled underground space。
The simple delivery of the giant。
Bai Mang collapsed,A body appears in the transfer of the center。
It is summer。
He is standing on the ground,Bai Mang in the collapse,Take him on the face of the firm,Film is more firm。
The thick hair is moving with the wind,Hunting corner,Narrow eye,The eyelashes seem to be frozen,Twilight,鬓 such as a knife,Deep,Wan Raw River。
He is a person who acts.,Detailed sadness has been strongly pressed in the heart。
Another unfamiliar place,Quickly value around。
But just at this time,His hearts,Suddenly there was a surprise voice。
“summer,is it you,Are you looking for me?。”
This sound is from the bottom of the heart,It is like a fried thunder to thoroughly in the mind in the summer.,Let him strike。
Over the heart,A mysterious rune faint flash,Summer communication。
However, at this time,Rune is like respiratory,Start the urgency flashing,Sweeping。
“summer……”The bottom sounds again,Just two words,Also abruptly。
Summer face change,Continuously fluctuate information。
Unfortunately no longer returns no longer。
Summer deep breathing,狠 狠 心 心 波 波。
His direction。
Already near the left fish,Maybe the next planet,Can be completely contacted with her。
Now,He quickly bowed around,Make a big step,Walk in front of the road。
Just got a few steps,The sound of the soul again。
“I heard,I……I am fish……”Summary,Stop the footsteps again,Even breathing is slow。
“Where are you,Tell me the address,I’ll go find you……”no respond。
Summer is constantly calling,again and again。
Still no response。
Just when summer is about to give up,I finally got a response。
“I am here……Holy king is……I now……Some freedom……”
NS3855chapter Five-bedroom