Jiuhe City,The most famous in the north【Nine beasts】Restaurant entrance。

“This restaurant does look good。”The three of Wright watched the door and walked in。When the three of us come in,Suddenly, the waiter of the restaurant received Wright’s eyes,These service staff are all middle gods,And all of them are handsome men and beautiful women。
“Three please follow me。”The attendant is a girl with some fat babies,She is smiling,Take the Wright three。
Rockery spring water in the restaurant,Spring water gurgling,Naturally divide the entire restaurant into areas。
The three of Wright were led to one place,Sat down。The service staff turned their hands,A book listing all kinds of food appeared in his hand,He put the book on the table with a smile:“Three,You order dishes and wine,Just greet me。”
Talking about this, the service staff stepped aside。
“What about the dishes and wine in the world of life,Just now Linna said,The wine in Jiuhe City is the best in Leishan Mansion and even in Yanyu Mainland。”Beibei excitedly opened it up first。
Wright is also curious。
“Wow,These dishes are really exaggerated,The beast of the god of life【Wing ear elephant】Elephant,Actually made with the meat of a beast!The price of this dish is exaggerated,Want a thousand source stones!”
Wright and Cecilia also leaned over to see。
“what,Wright, look,This fine wine,It is said to be brewed with the juice of special plant life,Presenting colorful colors,Price six hundred source stone,Is the best selling drink。”Cecilia pointed to a good wine and said。
Wright flipped through this dish,Have to sigh。
Wright looked at various dishes and wines with detailed descriptions,Have to sigh,“Some enjoyment in this life god world,I can’t even imagine in the material plane!”
immediately,Everyone ordered four dishes and a good wine。
“Elek,Are you really looking for expensive ones。”Cecilia laughed。Elek’s first point,Is the most expensive【Wing ear elephant】Elephant。
Four dishes plus wine,Just worth nearly two thousand source stones。Of course the most important,Is the best dish【Wing ear elephant】Elephant bait and wine worth six hundred source stones。