This problem makes Xiaomei can’t answer,乖。

And next,It is a few people who use mobile phones to continue to shoot Liu Dafu and Xiaomei’s love.。
Zhang Erzhuang did not expect everything so easy。
Day night,Several people in the house have played directly to Deniang。
And Zhang Erzhong was surprised to find that he was taking medicine, and he didn’t want to go up with Liu Dafu.,It’s also a little envious of Liu Dafu.。
At the same time, it is understood that the old heaven is the punishment of Liu Dafu.,Since Liu Dafu is so powerful,Let him infertate infertility。
Liu Dafu is also to Zhang Erzhuang to shoot a love film.。
Early next morning,The two are some of the virtual offs from the house.。
And several women are still there lazy to sleep there.。
After a night of toss,Even if you see a picture of the jade,Zhang Erzheng and Liu Dafu are also no thoughts.。
When I got out of the door,Both people are long and comfortable。
“Liu Da Ge,Your strength is really powerful,I really admire.,I have a medication for half an hour.,You don’t take medicine for half an hour。”
“Hey-hey,I used to follow you.,It’s a few minutes.,Sometimes even almost less than a minute。”
I heard Liu Dafu said.,Zhang Erzhuang is also interested。
“Then how do you do it??”
“What should I say?!It should be the cause of Xiao Li,Xiao Li gave me a good。”
Zhang Erzhuang naturally understood who Xiao Li said by the other party。
“Li Hui also treats this”“Yup,Not only,And very powerful,You have eaten two capsules for half an hour.,I feel that you must have problems.,Waiting for time to find Xiao Li to treat it.!”
Zhang Erzhuang heard this, but it is a bit difficult.。
“How is this kind of thing to say??
And I don’t know what to give it to the treatment.,After all, people are not missing.。”
“Hey-hey,Then look at your own heart.,Anyway, I didn’t send anything.,It is Xiao Li for your nephew.。”
Liu Dafu’s words,Let Zhang Erzhuang’s eyes directly,Just like what big news has been found。
You can’t satisfy your nephew?”
“Go! Go! Go,I am dead at that time.,Your nephew went to Xia Li to give me a life.,Then I live back,At the same time, it is also very powerful.。”
This kind of opportunity for Liu Dafu,Zhang Erzhuang is also a little envious。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,Let’s go to breakfast first.,By the way, discuss with you,Next time, let’s buy a better camera and then shoot.。”
Your kid is also addicted.!Not afraid of being discovered?”
The first thousand ninety-five chapters of the leaves
“Hey-hey,This is the glorious record of our brothers.,Have a fearful?”
“And you said this is to be seen.,I can only say that,Do not!”
Looking at Zhang Erzhuang’s face,Liu Dafu is also quite speechless,But think about it, it is true that it is true.。
“I have to see yourself.,Don’t pass,In case, let my wife find it.,I have to be big.。”
Although Liu Dafu is already a long time.,I can even say that he only has a thought about Zhao Xiaoli.,But in my bones, I still like the wild flowers outside.。