Xia Jian saw her walk into a villa not far from the road,Strangely, this villa is dark from top to bottom with lights,After Affi enters,The lights on the first floor turned on,Is she alone?Xia Jian suddenly had such a weird idea?But he soon thought,I’ll take care of him alone?It’s really fried with radish and egg。

Sitting with the rich and playing two mahjong,Although I lost money,But his mood is still very good。Lie down on the soft Simmons bed,He went to sleep。
The environment of the villa area is naturally not at the same level as the outside community,As long as it is particularly quiet,So Xiajian slept until he woke up naturally。Haven’t slept like this for a long time,When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying in a strange environment。He slowly remembered,He just thought he had lived the life of a rich man。
get up,Wash off,In one go。After he finished, he started to do the hygiene on the first floor,Since I live here,Have to look like,Can’t let Chen Xia say he is lazy!
Light the hygiene of the first floor,Xia Jian spent more than two hours,But some places are still not satisfactory。He just knew,Why do rich people always hire a nanny,It turns out that this housing area is large,Sanitation is also difficult。
When the busy schedule is over,It’s past eleven o’clock,Time to eat again。Xia Jian thought for a while,Although the ingredients are very complete,But he is still a little reluctant to do it himself,In this case,Why not go for a walk,Have a meal by the way,Also relax。
Cleaned up in the mirror,He easily took a large sunglasses in the bathroom,Put it on,Feel good,No more picking,But went straight out。
He walked out from the north gate this time,I remember when I came here yesterday,Chen Xia took him to the north gate,The view on this road is good,And there are many small restaurants。
Out of Buckingham Palace,Xia Jian hesitated,Head east。The sun is scorching at noon,Xia Jian panicked after the sun。But when I saw some people running around in the sun like him,Xia Jian suddenly felt a lot,Why can others suffer from this suffering,He can’t do it?
Sweat ran down my forehead,When passing a small stall,He looked inside,A forty-something,The chubby woman greeted me,She laughed:“Handsome guy want to eat?Come in soon,Air conditioning inside,Complete dishes”
Obviously you are older than me,Also called me handsome,Xia Jian sneered,But still turned around,Walked in。
First0573chapter I can’t avoid it
More than ten countertops,Not many guests,Seems to have only sat at four or five tables,But the air conditioner is really on。
Xia Jian found a place to sit down,The fat woman came over with the menu,She asked with a smile:“any drinks?”
“Two bottles of cold Zhujiang beer,A dish of peanuts,One sweet and sour pork ribs,Add another pepper fish head”Xia Jian didn’t read the menu at all,He ordered two dishes casually,As for this beer,He remembers the last time he cameSZI always drink Pearl River,Good taste。
The fat woman laughed and said:“Ok,Here comes”Of course the beer is mentioned first。Xia Jian quickly poured a glass,Then take it in one bite,He felt a little better in his heart。
Where is this??He just can’t stand it,If reallySZStay for a long time,What’s more。When the dishes are ready,Almost two bottles of beer。
The fat woman glanced at Xia Jian,Asked with a smile:“Do you want more wine??“
“Two more bottles“Xia Jian said,So he raised his chopsticks and ate。