Inside the venue,Xu Tianci is directly pushed into the platform。

“You listen to it.,Be your boyfriend, you have a condition,I recognize you.,Also get their recognition,Otherwise they will not be assured to give me it over.。”
“Forehead,that,Can I give up now?,Improper boyfriend?”
Face a group of men who are rewinding equipment,Xu Tianci suddenly somewhat。
He feels that this is the new tricks of Tang Square to play with him.。
This is simply killing people.。
Even the way to let him die at the time。
“no,What do you think??
Only I smashed your part,No you smashed my share,Know?”
Just finished this,There is a person to turn over the ring.。
“I am Tang Chan’s Five Brothers.,You have to prepare,My legs are not so good.。”
“Forehead,That five brothers,We have some misunderstandings,Can you let me explain first??”
“Humph,Since you all say it,That also explains a yarn,watch out。”
The same whip leg,The same angle,Go straight to Xu Tianzhi,Face this trick,Xu Tianci is also feeling that his hand is coming.。
Just just reach out,His face changed。
The other’s whip legs launched him with a weird perspective,Quicker。
Snapped!A crisp sound directly in the venue。
Chapter 118 Kidnapped
Xu Tianci touched his own cheek。
He didn’t expect the key to the opponent’s perspective.。
Just now he does not hide,I am afraid that I have to be striped by my face.。
Hit people,In this case, he does not believe that the other party is not known.。
“Five brothers?
I don’t want to play with you.,It seems that you have to play with you.,Who can’t get together?,So that you will say that you will be bore you。”
Xu Tianci is also burning in anger by the opponent’s heart.。
“Need not,I am enough for myself.。”
Say,Intacked the attack again。
But this time Xu Tianci is the same as a bull.,Although the speed of the other party is very fast,But in the face of the rushing, Xu Tianci, it is the ability to feel the science.。
Xu Tianci has never thought about what rules with each other,What to say,After the near, it is a hug.。
In an instant, the five brothers have no combat power.。
The battle lasted for half an hour.,I have not broken the defense of Xu Tianci within half an hour.,Then I am a truthfulness of Xu Tianci.。
Tang Can also didn’t expect that Xu Tianci, who was pressed against her, actually fierce.。
I can’t help but I quietly asked the bodyguards that were not far from the side.。
“Do you feel that you can win him??”
“Forehead,Tang Manager,I am sure,But this is some bullying.?”
“fine,You,You see his arrogance,Give him a small lesson,Don’t let him blindly,I am also good for him.。”