Do not say anything else,I said that last time Li fled with the wind.,She feels very interesting.。

It is also something that I used to dried the wind.。
For Lincheng and Sun Yaru,Li Hui Feng did not care,There is no more thinking more,He has passed in these days.,Daytime work to read book learning,Tell Qin Xue at night,Then it is cultivation,At the same time, I am ready to go back to the village.。
Today, the morning,He found a different scene in front of his seat.。
A cup of warm milk tea is placed on his table,He does not help but see the high white snow。
Gao Snow is a face, look at him.。
“Lee,You can,This is ready to re-take the class flower from Lincheng.,This cup of milk tea, we are secretly put in your morning.,If you are not me?,Certain people know that it is a class flower to send you milk tea.。”
“Do you know what milk tea mean??”
Chapter 32, Sun Yaru’s careful machine
“This is ready to return to your hand.,Let you hold it?,Happy is not happy?”
Listening to high white snow,Li Hui Feng brow wrinkled,He thought that he had no problem for it.,After all, now he is very moist.,I don’t want to go with Sun Yaru too much.。
I didn’t expect the other party to actively.。
Looking at Sun Yaru secretly looked at his eyes,The shame in the eyes,And afraid of being found,Li Hui also feels a little funny.。
“You drink it.,gave it to you。”
Say,Li Hui has given high white snow directly.。
He knows Sun Yaru likes to drink fragrant,But Sun Yaru is at all, I don’t know what he likes to drink.,Because he hasn’t drank it before,Still Sun Yaru, the left is half,Then give him,Let him excite half a day to know the fragrant milk tea,But he doesn’t like,When the opponent’s face is strong,It is to pull it with each other.。
“Don’t I,This is a heart that your goddess gives you.。”
Say,Gao Bai Xue directly pushed milk tea。
Li Hui Feng saw that the milk tea came back.,And I was still staring by Sun Yaru.,The grievances in the god,That Yingying tears, he is not a bit soft.。
at this time,Lin Cheng is directly slap in the head of Sun Yaru.。
Then I immediately took Sun Yaru to Li Hui’s foot.。
Textbooks on the table,And the warm milk tea on the table is directly sprinkled.。
Milk tea flows along the table to Sun Yaru,But at this time, Sun Yaru did not take a discourse.,Instead, some fear is moving toward Li Hui Feng.。
“Stinky,Laozi is so delicious to drink for you.,You now see Li Hui Rong back, I want to hook up.?
I want to step two boats?”
Looking at Sun Yaru’s poor look,Li Hui Feng really wants to stop,But he is afraid that this is another trap that the other party gives him.。
“I do not have,I really don’t have.。”
“You dare to say no?
Milk tea you bought this morning??
Also, you just sneak, Li Hui, don’t think I don’t know.,You have to leave Laozi,But you give me the money of the flower.,I will give you free。”
Looking at Lincheng’s aggressive look,Li Hui Feng is also a must not have other stations.。
After all, he knew that Sun Yaru’s milk tea didn’t give him.,And I saw Sun Yaru’s poor look.,He is also a little bit。
Plus Sun Yaru’s refinement,In his heart, he had already had so much hate for each other.。
“Her milk tea gave me,And there is nothing between us,Do you not feel very good in the face of the classmates of the classmates??”
I saw Li Hui Rong.,Lincheng does not help but be happy.。