Xia Jian shook his head,Said coldly:“Don’t have to wait to get down,You ask me now。If these workers,Can’t get the wages owed this afternoon,We just follow the terms of the contract,Dissolve the cooperative relationship between us”

Manager Tong,Face change,He shouted loudly:“He Ji!You roll over,What the hell is going on?In front of Xia Jian,Make things clear,Otherwise you’ll get rid of me this afternoon”Manager Tong’s voice is loud,Obviously he is also angry。
He Er squeezed from the crowd,Standing in front of Xia Jian,Lower your head and say:“The money is in the bank,I’m afraid everyone will run away after paying the salary,and so…”
“To shut up!You just don’t want to send us,We came out to make money,Where can we go if we have money?”A young man shouted。
Everyone listens,He started to scold again,This guy is like a mouse crossing the street,Everyone wants to give him something。He Er who is usually arrogant,Under Xia Jian’s shock,Where to stand honestly,Let everyone blame。
“All right,Everyone don’t quarrel。Manager Tong,Please send someone to supervise He Er to withdraw money from the bank,I’m going to watch everyone take their wages this afternoon,Otherwise, all of you will stop work tomorrow,Bear the loss”Xia Jian said decisively,His tone,No room for negotiation。
Manager Tong wipes the sweat off his forehead,Shouting at He Er,When the two are about to leave,He Er turned around again,Said to Xia Jian in a begging tone:“President Xia,So many people’s money,No appointment,Can’t get it out for a while,How about tomorrow,I make an appointment now”
“Which bank do you put your money in?”Xia Jian asked very angry。
He Er busy said:“Agricultural Bank of China”
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked with a slightly raised brow:“What is the total salary of these workers?”
“Less than two hundred thousand”He Ermo calculated and said。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“You and Manager Tong go quickly,I will call the president of your project department now,This must be done this afternoon”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Dozens of migrant workers cheered,They kept shouting thank you to Xiajian。Xia Jian also walked out of these crowds,The ups and downs,He knows better than anyone。Hard work for so long,Still can’t get the money,I can’t tell where this matter is。
“President Xia!You are a good leader,These people are not easy,You can appreciate their hardship,Really precious。These simple migrant workers,Will remember you forever”Uncle Long doesn’t know when,Came out from behind Xia Jian,Old man with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is what I should do,Usually too busy,Less come here,I didn’t expect such a thing to happen,But I believe it won’t be anymore”
“it is good!How great。Hurry up and call the project department,No cell phone signal here,Come to my house for tea afterwards,Someone sent me a package of tea recently,I’m worried that no one will drink with me”Uncle Long said,Ben haha laughed and left。
Dragon Ball was a little jealous and shook his head.:“Ugh!I don’t know if I am his daughter,Ask someone to drink tea,Didn’t even look at me”
“Hahahaha!how?You are jealous,Who told you to be with us, Mr. Xia,Where did he go,Everyone loves,Flower Seeing Flower”Fang Fang suddenly laughed and said,It’s been a long time since I saw her so happy。
Two women behind,Talking and laughing。Xia Jian walked quickly towards the project department down the hillside。
It’s easy to do things with more friends,This sentence is true,Xia Jian called,Su Yiman promised,Let alone two hundred thirty thousand,Even two or three million,She will also find a way to transfer。