Nutrition experts say blood tofu can iron for young children

Nutrition experts say blood tofu can iron for young children

Parents don’t like to eat things, parents worry, children too love to eat a kind of food parents also worry.

Some parents found that two or three-year-old babies like to eat blood tofu and then began to worry, will blood tofu affect development?

Nutrition experts, children eat blood tofu is no problem, but pay attention to not more than 50 grams per day, it is best to choose vacuum packed chicken blood and duck blood.

  Wang Yong, a nutrition department at Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, said that blood tofu contains protein, iron and other nutrients, and children can eat blood tofu to supplement blood.

For young children to eat blood tofu, Dr. Wang Yong made several suggestions: 1.

It is recommended that children eat blood tofu, it is best to choose chicken blood and duck blood, because these two kinds of blood tofu taste tender, nutrients are easy to absorb.


Soak the blood tofu before soaking in water. Be sure to cook it very well before giving it to your child.

Whether it is cooking, stewing, or frying, it is important to give your child a “cooked” taste.


Although the tofu has a higher nutritional value, the composition of the animal’s blood is more complicated, and it also has a smoothing effect. Although it does not cause diarrhea, it cannot be eaten often.

Do not exceed 50 grams a day, do not eat every day.

  Children’s dietary preferences are greatly influenced by their parents. If you want your child to have a balanced diet, parents should first adjust their eating habits.