Lu Menglin even suspected,Mount Kinabalu and Temple of Miracles,It’s very likely that it’s not on the Shenmin continent,But in a separate space。

of course,These things,It’s not something he can touch yet,Before not having enough strength,The truth about the world,Will only die faster。
Soon,All four seeded teams have returned to the imperial city,When coming down from the teleportation formation,They are all looking at each other,however,Everyone’s face,All have unbearable joy。
Because all of these four teams,Everyone got a magic weapon,Although the ranks of the gods are not the same,But with the miraculous effect of fusion,Most of them directly broke through level 41,Officially entered the ranks of the strong。
Ning Palace,The three captains of the Qinghai Zong and the Bairimen Elite Team,All of them successfully broke through to level 42,Become a real high-level powerhouse。
And most importantly,The three of them are not too old,It means they still have potential to tap,As long as it takes time,Not to mention breaking through the 43rd level,It is very possible even at level 44。
And these young strong men present,What they care about most,But it was the final result of that championship team。
In fact, let’s be more frank,They even want to know that after Wu Hao has experienced the fusion of magic weapons,What kind of strength has he reached?。
The name Wu Hao,There seems to be an indescribable magic,Since the beginning of the competition, it has been pressed on top of these young powerhouses,Until he challenged the veteran powerhouse Liuyun Cthulhu in public in the arena,And beheaded it on the spot,Everyone understands the power gap between them and Wu Hao,I finally don’t want to compare with him。
but,Although I don’t expect to catch up with Wu Hao,,But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to know Wu Hao’s current level of strength,Everyone wants to know,After Wu Hao experienced the fusion of gods and soldiers,Will it give people an unexpected answer。
quickly,The Aoki team appeared。
The first to appear was the beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian,She is holding a broken jade gun,The breath is as steady as a mountain,Compared with the previous ones,The temperament has obviously changed greatly。
And the energy fluctuations in her body,Has reached level 41,Proved that the effect of the fusion of the gods is very significant。
but,Everyone’s changes to Huang Shaotian,Not too many accidents,It’s a little bit bland,As a beautiful swordsman,I got another first-grade soldier of the champion team,Actually only broke through the first level,This result is really boring。
On the contrary, it was Liu Wenzhang’s entry,Make people shine,This guy who can’t fight most,Got a magic weapon“Glass of wine”after that,Level up to three consecutive levels,Reached level 40,And then go through the fusion,Actually broke through to level 41。