Long-term constipation does not have to worry again, get up in the morning to get a cup of tissue water, pull the net to join the black stink!

Long-term constipation does not have to worry again, get up in the morning to get a cup of “tissue water”, pull the net to join the black stink!

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Many people will feel embarrassed when it comes to constipation, but it is this disease that makes us “sorry” harm our health and bring harm to our lives and work.

Under what circumstances will it cause constipation?

Constipation is mostly related to our daily and mental state due to the dual role of internal and external factors.

Especially our eating habits, eating more spicy, irritating foods are very harmful to the body.

Especially in the case of changes in our immunity, if the immunity is low, it is very susceptible to external pathogens and microbial infections, which become the most common Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia coli in pathogens, which are very harmful to the body.
Constipation stimulates our gastrointestinal nerves, which can easily cause stomach cramps or stomach ulcers. Sometimes duodenal ulcers can even cause bleeding and perforation.

At the same time, constipation can easily lead to disorder of hormone secretion in our body, causing emotional changes, becoming violent and uneasy, and having a great impact on life.

Although constipation is easy to recur, the treatment of constipation is not as troublesome as imagined. On the contrary, if you can accurately understand constipation, the treatment with appropriate methods is very effective.


[Wet dressing][Materials]20g of mantle, 15g of loquat leaves, 40g of Jiuli light.

[Practice]Add a certain amount of water to the above-mentioned herbs, then fry them on low heat. After boiling, wait until the juice is slightly cold, then apply it to the body. This method does not damage the physiological state of the body and maintain the normal operation of the endocrine system in the body.
It has a good effect on constipation caused by obstruction and can alleviate the pain caused by constipation.

2,[prescription treatment][material]2-3 fresh eggs; red bean is appropriate; take the egg white inside the egg, while grinding into a fine powder of red beans into it, continue to rotate and adjust, after the water is boiledStir the beaten red bean paste into boiling water and serve for 10 minutes. If you like sweets, add some honey to taste.

Every morning and evening.

Persistence for one week, constipation can significantly alleviate constipation under normal circumstances mainly because the implanted fiber in the human body can be fully absorbed, causing the internal flora to be out of balance, causing insufficient peristalsis.

Diet therapy can expand the role of supplemental fiber to a certain extent, and gradually relieve the symptoms of constipation, but the effect is limited and needs long-term persistence.


[Modifying the bacterial group in the body]Here, we recommend that you use the[Suyuan Hanfang-Supplement Fiber]supplement, which is ideal; it is an excellent alternative to the fiber supplement, which will not be absorbed by the body itself and enter the intestine.By rapidly proliferating bifidobacteria, inhibiting the proliferation of harmful bacteria, and achieving the purpose of effectively relieving constipation.

As a supplement, the hawthorn malt extract strengthens the spleen and nourish the stomach and helps digestion. It is scientific and safe.

Its usage is also relatively simple, it is generally recommended to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Take 50 ml of Susuyuan Hanfang for the first time, and exchange about 400 ml of warm boiled water to mix them evenly.

Ordinary constipation can receive ideal conditioning in the short term.

[Suyuan Hanfang-estimated fiber]is currently available in Amoybao, very convenient.

In most people, the treatment of constipation is important, but its care is also decisive during treatment, so it is necessary to fully understand the care of constipation.

We need to pay attention to the little bit of life, so that we can completely prevent the treatment of constipation.

In daily life, we must pay attention to personal hygiene, do not eat unclean food, do not eat barbecue or drink cold drinks.

2. Persist in exercise every day, maintain emotional pleasure, improve physical fitness, and immunity, ensure adequate sleep, and pay attention to protective work when going out.


The living environment should be clean and tidy, the air should be ventilated, and the dryness should be observed. I should pay attention to diet and not eat irritating food.


To drink more hot water, can promote metabolism in the body, to a certain extent has a lubricating effect, to ease the state of obstruction.