Lixia’s way of health and well-being: the heart is as calm as water

Lixia’s way of health and well-being: the heart is as calm as water

It is time to raise your heart and raise your heart. It is time for your heart to be tired. Therefore, in the summer, you should pay attention to your heart and keep your heart calm. Even if the weather is hot, you must keep a calm heart.If you are in a hurry, you can have a good heart.

When you smile, you often open your mouth and often open the summer. People’s temperament goes up. Therefore, in this season, you must keep your smile open. Only when you are in a good mood can you maintain a good standard of health.

Cold drinks have to be controlled in the summer, many people began to choose to eat a lot of cold drinks. At this time, it is recommended that everyone, especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly, cold drinks can never eat too much, otherwise it will cause indigestion and other phenomena.

To ensure deep sleep and sleep, if you want to go deep sleep, you must have deep sleep. Under normal circumstances, you should take a break at noon. Even if you don’t sleep, you should close your eyes and stay for a few minutes or a few minutes.

When the weather is moderate, the weather is hot, and many people will choose to turn on the air conditioner. However, the problem is coming. The cold must have a moderate degree. It can’t be opened at a low temperature. This will make your body cold and heat for a long time.Uncomfortable.

Light food is in the summer, because the weather is hot, and it is easy to sweat, so when eating in summer, it should be light.

In this way, it is possible to keep sweat less, the internal fire is low, and the body is good.

Pay attention to the disease prevention summer, it is also a high incidence of some skin diseases, so this time, we must pay attention to the general situation, there may be cowhide disease, etc., therefore, prevention is the key.

When going out, you should be cautious when going out. In the summer, most of them are thunder and lightning, and there are also wind and rain. Therefore, be prepared to prevent these weathers, and always have umbrellas and other things.