Who let the Zhao Zhaojun kill the son of the Light??

After all, the law is only dead.,Canndel light is dead,Although not a long child!
If this is the case,He also wants to 跪 跪 娄 昭 君,That Gao Biyi has nothing to say,Can only say this kind of foolish people,Have no,Waiting for yourself after the power will be rolled into the grass!
But from the current situation,The words of the Robin want to express,Already quite obvious,Otherwise they have sent themselves to write this letter.,Said that the Raw Robs killed by Zhao Zhaojun,Also said that it is necessary to add things that will be engaged in the rhythmic instrument and Gao Biyi。
Obviously there are a lot of ideas in my heart.。
“Leader,Do we want to send someone to go to the Robust?”
“Not necessarily,The Robust will not stand it completely on our side because it is dead.,after all,One person died, a dead。
Blacksmith need its own hardware,Don’t think about everything now?,Do a good job in the goddess army,Other things http://www.shanghai-huifu.cn I have an arrangement。”
NS789chapter Tyrannical and furious(middle)
After the wind wave of the last east,Yucheng is quiet for a few days。Unexpected,I thought I would be a plumber.,Fart,Staying in the Dali Tembo,Let people fall below the eyeball。
Gao Yang will so kind,Does the Minister of the DPRK have not dealt??
Gao Bao believes that this possibility is almost zero。Don’t say that Gao Yao is not a big master.,Even if you replace it into other dynasties“Ming Jun”,This is impossible to be good.。
Because this is the decent and majestic,Far is not a face problem of a high ocean。That is Gao Bo Yi as an emperor,It is impossible to punish Li Ji。
certainly,Gao Biyi is now at all.“Invite”Grievance,His attention is all in the banned army reform of the five military regulations.。
This market is mainly due to the http://www.pianopartner.cn different places where the military reform is mainly,It is necessary to establish a certain land management function throughout the country.“Eagle”,Each house has a school,A long history,Manage the field allocation and daily training of the people of the army farmers, respectively。
Means of,As long as you participate in the family,Those officials have nothing to do with you.,Daily three long system,Rural family regulations,Also can’t get you。
These people have to do,Just send a buddy to join the army,Then farming the military food。
From a long time,This type of system is definitely a very big illusion,The biggest point is,When the land merges and mergers,When the Eagle Yangfu’s field is not enough,The farmers will be aggravated。
This will make farmers to escape to the family.,Because when the income of the house is better than the Eagle House。
This problem can only be placed behind to solve,Before the world is unified,This institution proposed by Gao Biyi is still feasible and beneficial.。
The biggest benefit,It is a stable and slammed soldier for the state.。Outside six towns,Provided a standing army that has been large。
Will write a general idea,Gao Bi is planning to let Yang Su、Li Delin、Zhang Wei and others helped to join us,A rule,Finally, send it directly into the palace.。
According to his ideas,Five Army Member of the Office of the Office,Will follow the suggestions of referring to the city,For example、Peak and waiting。
And the pivot is itself is affiliated to the official body.,It is handed over to Yang Wei to plan。
The most important soldier,Hohort personally,Because this is the core of reform。
The Five Army Metro House and the Privy Council are just two central government.,Take a total of hundreds of people,Similar to the subsection and Ministry of Defense,In fact, it is the autonomy of the martial arts.。
Meet the game,Now I just started。Propracted in derogatory family,This game can’t be a player.。
“Alang,I have just come in the palace.,Send a copy, please。”
Fu Bo put a red paper to Gao Baoyi,It is written in the next day, the emperor will be on the golden pool.。
Jin Fengtai?
How long did I hear this famous name??Since the last suggestion of the city, the 200 palace people in Jin Fengtai will be dugward.,This magnificent building has become bleak。Gao Yang has never been there again.。
And a high order,It seems that it is a bit uncomfortable.。
All day,Generally, Liu Taozhi came over,Or to make a sacred or how。Like this, I will leave.,It’s really uncomfortable。
“Has people have gone??”
Gao Baoyi asked。
Fu Bo nodded:“He is very urgent,I am afraid that there are still many, please send it to send。”
Fu Bo’s guess,Gao Bao felt possibilities。This means,This Gaoyan is banned at the Jinfeng Taiwan,Perhaps the scale will be particularly large!
Some officials who have no qualifications in the next day,I am afraid that it is in the row of the banquet.。
What do you want to do with a high ocean??