Qingming Health should be just in time

Qingming Health should be “just in time”

Qingming is in the midst of spring and summer, and the weather and temperature changes are quite large.
During this period, not only should we be careful about disease prevention, but we should also focus on health care.
对此,记者采访了几位养生颇有心得的人士  防病:针对季节特征慎食“发物”
  出场人物:陈女士  养生心得:清明时节应该注重饮食,慎食“发物”,避免诱发或It is aggravating chronic diseases.
  Many middle-aged and elderly people feel easy to have headaches and dizziness during the Qingming period.
Ms. Chen, 56, is a retired teacher who has suffered from mild hypertension for many years.
In the past, she often felt uncomfortable during her Qingming period. She thought it was caused by the hot and cold climate when spring and summer alternated, or because of her own high blood pressure.
Later, when I talked with my friends, I discovered that my discomfort is mainly from diet.
  Mutton, bamboo shoots, roast goose, sea crab, etc., are all foods that Ms. Chen likes to eat. After she has high blood pressure, she also pays attention to the weight of the diet. She usually does not feel any special discomfort, but she can come during the Qingming period.It’s up.
Ms. Chen said that she still remembers that in March 2007, someone gave her a few pounds of dried bamboo shoots, which can make her happy. She has been eating since April in March, and she is almost inseparable from bamboo shoots every day.Shredded pork.
During the banquet, I also ate a lot of roast goose, seafood, beef, lamb and so on.
In the Ching Ming Festival that year, Ms. Chen had a terrible headache and felt dizzy and weak.
One night she struggled to go for a walk in the park. A friend who usually exercised together saw her uncomfortable look and chatted with her.
After listening to her story, the friend told her that the problem is likely to be in the diet.
Because Ms. Chen likes to eat from the Chinese medicine, it belongs to the “fat”, which is the product of moving the wind, vomiting and helping the fire, and the Qingming Festival is also the time when many chronic diseases are prone to recurrence. People with chronic diseasesIt is necessary to avoid taboos and to avoid foods that are easy to “send”.
  After listening to the advice of friends, Ms. Chen quickly adjusted her diet.
Eat seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean pork and other foods.
After more than a week, I felt that my headache was relieved.
During the Qingming period of the following year, Ms. Chen began to avoid her mouth early, and she had a light diet, and she did not have the old headache of dizziness.
  Expert suggestion: Lu Guangcheng, director of the Nutrition Department of Guangxi People’s Hospital, said that the taboo “fat” is not for everyone, but mainly for people with special physique.
From a nutritional point of view, the most important thing for health care is to achieve a comprehensive and balanced nutrition. For example, shrimp and crab are rich in protein. For those who lack protein, they should be supplemented appropriately, rather than being taboo.
  Detoxification: Eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the body in winter. Characters: Miss Li Health experience: In the winter, because of the weather, people will reduce the amount of exercise, and the body has accumulated a lot of toxins.
Before and after the Qingming, the temperature will warm up and it should be detoxified and strengthened.
  Miss Li, who lives in Qingshan Road, Nanning City, is an ordinary office worker.
She said that during the Qingming period, she was a “specially destitute” – especially in the eyes of the poor.
Everyone said that this is a normal spring sleep.
Miss Li thought of overcoming the spring sleep, in addition to going to bed early and getting up early, but also pay attention to diet detoxification.
  Before the Ching Ming Festival last year, Miss Li went to a Chinese medicine health massage parlor to lose weight.
The masseur told her that the yin and yang theory in traditional Chinese medicine believes that spring is a period in which the yin is weakening and the yang is getting stronger. Because the yin is gathering, the yang is scattered, and in winter, many components are accumulated in the body after the tonic, just in the spring.When the internal poison is discharged, it is most suitable for detoxification and physical strength in the spring.
The masseur also said that in addition to massage acupuncture points, it is best to eat more food that helps the body detoxify light body.
With a dubious attitude, Ms. Li listed her detox diet plan by consulting the information, consulting the nutritionist, and combining her tastes and preferences.
The first is to eat less greasy meat, eat more cucumber, black fungus, lotus root, white radish, yogurt and other foods.
Miss Li said that there is a record in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that cucumber has the effect of clearing heat, quenching thirst, benefiting water and reducing swelling. It can be fried pork and fried eggs, and the taste is very good.
  Miss Li said that after a period of detoxification diet last year, she felt light and refreshed.
In mid-March of this year, Miss Li entered the detox diet stage. The most obvious thing was that there was no fatigue, fatigue or sleepiness.
  Expert suggestion: Ma Liping, nutrition expert of Guangxi Nutrition Association, said that several foods mentioned by Miss Li are rich in protein, sugar, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.Eating nutrients is better.
In fact, this is also a nutritious way to adapt to the season. Different seasons have different seasonal fruits and vegetables. You should eat more seasonal foods and eat off-season foods.
  养肝:良好作息与“三黑”套餐  出场人物:张先生  养生心得:清明节将至,传统养生学讲究“春与肝相应”,即春季气候特点与人体的肝脏有着密切的关系,现阶段Health should focus on raising the liver.
  Mr. Zhang of Nanning is a senior executive of a company.Speaking of Qingming Health, he remembered when he was a child and asked his father when he went to “Qingming”. His father told him that “everything grows, it is clean and clear, so it is clear.”

For many years, Mr. Zhang has been very easy to expect Qingming health.

  ”Modern people tend to have emotional illnesses, and more attention should be paid to nutrition and health care.

Mr. Zhang said that in the spring, all things grow and the body is also proper. After the beginning of spring, the liver gas transformation in the body is getting deeper and more prosperous, reaching the most prosperous time in the Qingming era.

As the saying goes, “it is too late”. If the liver is too strong, it will have an adverse effect on the spleen and stomach, hinder the normal digestion and absorption of food, cause emotional disorders, and run poor blood, thus causing various diseases.

  Speaking of raising liver and protecting the liver, Mr. Zhang’s experience is very rich.

He said that in the four seasons, the spring is “wood”, and the liver in the body’s five internal organs is also “wood”, and the liver must first ensure sleep.

Frequent staying up late, irregular sleep habits, especially damage to the liver.

People who stay up late are prone to red eyes on the second day. This is the performance of liver fire. In the long run, it will definitely hurt the liver.

Nowadays, too many people shouted in the spring, and they didn’t have the spirit of sleeping during the day. At night, they would be fierce, surf the Internet, watch TV, and entertain into the night. This time should be adjusted.

  As the saying goes, “The disease is from the mouth,” and it is easy to get sick when eating.

On the contrary, the right diet can strengthen the body.

During the Qingming period, Mr. Zhang asked the company’s small canteen to do more “three black” food, namely black rice, black sesame, seaweed.

His own lunch is seaweed egg soup, black rice porridge with stir-fried vegetables, chicken carrots, dessert is black sesame paste.

Mr. Zhang introduced that eating “three black” foods in the spring can not only raise the liver, but also improve immunity and lay the foundation for disease prevention.

  Expert suggestion: Lu Guangcheng introduced that from the perspective of nutrition, black rice is called protein and 17 kinds of amino acids, of which lysine and arginine are significantly higher than white rice; black sesame can be iron, vitamin E can improveAnemia, delaying cell aging; laverine iodine, calcium, alginate, mannitol, B vitamins, crude fiber and other ingredients, help reduce plasma, soften blood vessels, prevent iodine deficiency.

These foods are often eaten, not only for the liver, but also for obesity.