He doesn’t want to stay in the body.“Humanity”Blood pulse,Because he hates betrayed his human beings。

But the night is not the same,Although it is“Humanity”But Terger has already regarded him as a brother。
People don’t care about the injured body,Also give him blood transfusion,And three times saved him。
If you say the blood of the night“dirty”if,Then he and those who tell,What is the difference??
“I also listened to them.,You refuse to accept blood transfusion,So the self-acting claims,I hope that the big brother Terg Brother should not blame them.。”
Whether it is because the system,Still the night itself,I don’t want Terge to die.。
It’s hard to touch Tir’s good feelings.,Brush so high,If Terger is so dead,So many doing so much before night,Isn’t it a white fee?。
And if Thai is dead,Night is almost still http://www.xinqinn.cn able to maintain friendly relations with fish people,But it certainly can’t compare now.。
“Tig brother,I am very hard.,Only blocking the Navy Major General,But you want to die like this.,Isn’t it a broken white??”
Seeing that the night is really scarred,And actually giving him blood,Tir is also a sorry。
“Night,If each human beings are like you,If there is no prejudice against the fish,What should I do?。”
“I really want to,Why do I have saved their children?,Is their benefactor??But why do they sell me??”
For Terg’s issues,Night is really difficult to answer him。After all, this world is not,Everyone knows that knowing。
“Contradiction between human and fish,It’s not a day and two days.,You want to have a power,Change view of a group,This is unrealistic。”
“Tig brother,The hope of fish and human peace http://www.handystock.cn together,New generation like Kelra。If you really want to have a day,Your compatriots can also live in the land on the land.,Don’t die so even。”
“Because there is no value to die.,And only deepen the contradiction between humans and fish!”
Looking at Tiger at night,He suddenly emerged a bold idea
Chapter 33 Go“Bardi”
Night, just an idea,That is to pull Tiger,Join“Revolutionary army”how?
Be right,Taige wants to change the contradiction between the fish and human,and“Revolutionary army”Ideil,It is the rule of overthrowing the world sector.。
if“Revolutionary army”Finally, I can really succeed.,perhaps“Fishman”Really have a new opportunity to say。
“Tig brother,Join the revolutionary army with me.?”
“Revolutionary army?You are the organization that is right with the world department.?”
Terg is somewhat,I http://www.xingchichuanmei.cn don’t know why the night is suddenly said.。
Not long ago he did finished“adventurer”arrive“Pirate”Transformation,This will become“Revolutionary army”NS?
“Yes,Tig brother,If you die,It’s a pity.,And your death,I will only let more fish people,Hawthorn hate。”
“Join the revolutionary army,They themselves are with the Navy to you.,With our philosophy and,I think I can try it.。”
Night is now I want to pull friends.,Although I feel good to join“Revolutionary army”NS,But the night is also unpredictable to the front road.。
If you can pull up Tir,Then just fine.。He is no longer a light commander,Thai strength,Joining now has just been set up“Revolutionary army”,Dragon should be quite welcome。
And Tiger is not like a night.,Alone,He is a large group of fish people。